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  1. masterkd

    WD Cavier Green RMA query

    I bought one WD Green 2TB internal drive in Aug 2015. Recently the drive started causing problem. Sometimes when I am copying files to the drive it freezes and does not copy anything at all. It also causes the whole system to freeze as well. And sometimes the drive is not detected at all. Today...
  2. mohityadavx

    Safe to use this HDD?

    Hello, I have a HDD which suffered some physical damage. The log below gives the extent of the damage. Can I use this HDD for storage purpose? Is there anything at all I can do to use it in a safe manner or would you recommend me to dump it. Macrorit Disk Scanner Device: Mass Storage...
  3. B

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count

    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count | Ars Technica UK Seriously? This is like punching holes in the Titanic. :(
  4. quicky008

    Whats the significance of reallocated sector count warning?

    Recently while playing a video on my pc,i was experiencing really jittery performance and the player was freezing up every few seconds-i thought that something might be wrong with the hdd and so i checked it using HDtune pro-on running it i received a warning that the reallocated sector count of...
  5. patkim

    Need help - HDD SMART info

    While I have read about HDD SMART data here and there on the web, it continues to confuse me!! . My HDD health report is shown as OK, I am trying to understand how to interpret Current Pending Sector count. Could there be any relation between Current Pending Sector Count and Reallocated...
  6. $hadow

    Does OS app count really matter when buying a phone

    I have seen a few time now that we give OS preference when buying a new phone or tab but do you really take the app count before thinking of buying one. For me when I buy a phone I look for Battery Life Camera Build quality If I can find these three in one phone I will buy it overlooking the...
  7. $hadow

    SMART error on HDD

    My PC has stated giving this SMART error every time at the boot since the past 3 times and now I need suggestion on what to do no to get rid of this error.
  8. quagmire

    [Help] 'Caution' in CrystalDiskInfo for External HDD

    My 7 month old WD My Passport 1TB External HDD was running fine until now. Hadnt checked smart values until recently Windows recommended a chkdsk. And after 6 hours this is what it shows: I later ran CrystalDiskInfo and the values are here: The Raw values of the Current Pending Sector...
  9. flyingcow

    Reallocated sectors warnings, what do they mean?

    Hey guy i downloaded hwinfo and say a caution sign besides my HDD, so i downloaded crystal disk info and say that it said , caution relocated sectors count : 8 and an error below says reallocated sectors count threshold 36, what does this mean is my hdd about to die? Do i need to take a...
  10. nvrmndryo

    crystaldiskinfo shows current pending sector count 200 , what does that mean ?

    crystaldiskinfo shows my wd 1tb hdds current pending sector count 200 , and uncorrectable sector count 200 . is it serious ?what does that exactly mean ? - - - Updated - - - attached image
  11. patkim

    Query abt HDD Bad Sectors

    I have an old SATA HDD (> 6 years old). Select parameters reported by Crystaldiskinfo are as follows. Raw values in decimal. -- S.M.A.R.T. -------------------------------------------------------------- ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues Attribute Name 01 112 _95 __6 43572170 Read Error Rate 05...
  12. R

    Provide Solution

    Hello freinds, Please provide the solution to the following two programs: 1.Design a class STR to overload + and < operator to join two strings and to compare two strings. 2.Write a program to write a sentence into a data file and then count the number of characters present in that file...
  13. Flash

    If i were a Superhero..

    We all love Superheroes, in fact i do. We surely did spent our childhood days imitating superheroes or fancying gimmicks of them. If you were a Superhero, 1. What POWER do you want? 2. What NAME you will prefer (or you can even say the current superheroes)? 3. Whom do (current superheroes or...
  14. avichandana20000

    Stop upload

    i have a 3G data plan of vodafone. It is 2GB for 199. The SIM is in DATA DONGLE of HUWAEI. Now while surfing or downloading the network meter Gadget shows both download speed and Upload speed. But i am not uploading anything. Why is it showing then? Does that count get added to the total usage...
  15. C

    canon sx260HS or sony HX20

    As reviewed in DIGIT'S june edition, canon 260HS is better than sony HX20 and among others.I had finalised it.But the thing worryin' me is it's low megapixel count...12.1 while sony's hx20 has 18.1mp...so which should i buy...?
  16. A

    need to substract data current row-previous row in php

    as you can see in the sample code the loop gives me data somewhat like this Date Count 2011-1-1 200 2011-1-2 250 2011-1-3 300 2011-1-4 150 now i want to insert a code in the while loop so that i get a custom 3rd column with output something like this Date Count...
  17. A

    count number of whitespaces in C

    Hello everybody, I was doing a simple program to count number of whitespaces in a text file but I am stuck at it. Here is the code void main() { FILE *from; int ch,count; int c; from = fopen("newfile","r"); while ((c = fgetc(from)) != EOF) {...
  18. rohitshakti2

    Help in finding ebooks online:

    I am looking for the following ebooks / novels. Can anybody help me to find them: 1. Nicholas Nikleby 2. Emma 3. Shelock Holmes : The Norwood Mystery 4. The Moonstone 5. The Count of Monte Cristo 6. The Secret Agent 7. Great Expectation 8. Oliver Twist Thanks in advance.
  19. Krazzy Warrior

    Thinkdigit Kolkata Meetup!

    Hi Friends(Calcuttians), Let us arrange for a TDF meet for members from Kolkata. Anyone else interested? Count me in! If yes, then lets discuss date,time and location.. Any one....!!!
  20. chicha

    open the stupidest thread from the user above you..

    as the name suggests :D this post does not count thought :D
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