1. quicky008

    Require a cheap replacement for xbox 360 controller

    Today my xbox 360 wired controller,that is around 10 years old finally conked out.Its right bumper is stuck and the dpad seems to be malfunctioning-i tried opening up its innards and cleaning it but to no avail.So i seems it have to get a replacement for it now.Original xbox 360 controllers...
  2. D

    Need advice buying Gamepad !

    Hi All, I planned to buy a Gamepad for Windows PC, Please suggest me some. I can go upto 3k but I prefer wired controllers. Or is there any gamepad which comes with both wired & wireless control ? Can Sony PS controller be used for PC games ? I most often play Fifa & NFS. Thank you
  3. T

    Need to buy Legit Xbox 360 wired controller for PC.

    So I've been trying to find a genuine Xbox 360 WIRED controller for PC. This Paytm site is selling it for some Rs 1300 with cashback. My only concern is that whether the controller is legit or not. I've seen cheap china made controllers that try to copy original Xbox 360 controller and these...
  4. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Controllers/gamepads (for PC & PS2)

    * Products' Names: Sony PS2 controller, Vinyson PC gamepad (USB interface), SVB PC gamepad (USB interface). * Expected Price: Rs. 180 shipped for Vinyson controller, 200/- shipped for PS2 controller, 220/- shipped for SVB controller . * Date of purchase: don't remember, but they are atleast 3...
  5. D

    Dualshock 3 problem and replacement

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section. I have got two dualshock 3 controllers. Both of them have started giving me problems almost at the same time. Whenever I shake or move the controller, it automatically receives the input. Example- On the home screen, If I shake the...
  6. Champ

    HDD controllers on MB gone BAB

    Yesterday evening My desktop HDD stopped responding, and after few restart starting giving "disk read error, press alt, ctrl del to restart" My initial thought was HDD failure, but same situation with another HDD Also All HDD are working fine in external casing. So I realised that there may...
  7. Karan93

    Offline multiplayer on ps3

    I am thinking of purchasing a new ps3.I want to ask if i can play offline multiplayer using 2 or more controllers on a single ps3:confused: Actually,i want to play smackdown vs raw,street fighter 4 with my friends at my home( using 2 controllers on a single console).Can anyone plz tell me...
  8. amit3987

    Xbox 360 controller availability

    Could someone please tell me if xbox 360 controllers for windows are still available ? and their approx. price ?? Also does anyone hae any experience with the wireless controllers ? I have heard reports about the receiver not working after some time
  9. m-jeri

    Nintendo Wii

    Hi All... Selling my Wii, Which I bought a month ago from Zoheb bro. NTSC, Wii Key 2 Modded. Was done by a vendor in IVG, Nikks. Got 2 sets of controllers. Have all the box and stuff. Will throw in few games. Its abt 8 months old i guess. Price : 13k Shipped. Reason : PS3 hogging...
  10. desiibond

    Sony's PlayStation 3 wireless keypad now available for pre-order

    * Price: 50USD Can be connected easily to sixaxis and dualshock3 controllers.
  11. S

    Logitech PS2 Controller

    Hi, While searching for PS2 controllers, I found Sony outlets to be short of them. However, I easily found a Logitech Dual Shock controller, which they claim is compatible with PS2 gaming systems. Can anyone please vouch for them, compare them with the Sony PS2 controllers, or give feedback...
  12. I

    Two Ethernet Controllers on Same PC?

    Hi All, I have Two PC's with WinXp. Each PC got Onboard Ethernet Controller. Also got ADSL Connection (With Ethernet Interface). Problem is 1. How can i Put Both Computers on LAN cosidering the fact that I Also got ADSL Connection (With Ethernet Interface). Limitations: Low/No Budget for...
  13. debsuvra

    Cannot install any linux distro!!!

    I have a PC with P4 1.86GHz (Overclocked to 2.25GHz), 1GB of RAM, Geforce 5200, AsRock Motherboard, 120GB PATA and DVD-RW drive. The problem is that when I try to install any kind of linux in the machine, I get ridiculous error messages everytime. Even last time with Ubuntu 7.04 (from the Digit...
  14. S

    2 keyboard support for XP

    i recently bought a new usb keyboard for my laptop...xp detects it as an HID keyboard device ...i am not able to play games like fifa 07 as two player using the two keyboards as two different controllers as it shows only one keyboard...both keyboards are active but they cannnot be used as...
  15. aquamatrix

    Gaming Controllers

    Can i use the ps2 or xbox game controllers for my PC, if yes how come and how much would it cost.
  16. T

    High Speed USB Host controllers

    Is it possible to install High Speed USB Controllers in win XP without upgrading to XP1. If it is possible, then from where one can get it downloaded. Thanks.
  17. tarey_g

    Microsoft Going Wireless

    Microsoft is taking the wireless controller route for their new system. According to a report , Microsoft's Xbox 2 will have wireless controllers as a standard feature. The controller is said to be similar in design to the current S Controller, but wireless. No final designs have been...
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