1. Charley

    3G Internet in 2g SIM card

    I'm using the 3g vodafone internet pack in a 2g sim card. It's like a 2g internet connection, videos don't load and speed is slow. I contacted customer care and they told me I need a 3g sim to run 3g internet smoothly. Is it true?
  2. G

    How to portforward on MTS ?

    I have MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi.I want to portforward a port so I can host a gaming server.Please help me. I contacted MTS Support and they said they have no information regarding portforward.:cry:
  3. T

    [Praise] MSI RMA Service Through Aforeserve

    MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozer ii/oc edition was giving bsod during gaming and showing artifacts during boot up like the attached pics. i contacted Aforeserve .Com Ltd through mail on 16/12/2014 for RMA . They arranged the pickup through BLUE DART courier. got the card back on 6th Jan 2015. it worked...
  4. theserpent

    Negative Experience the worst E-commerce website in India

    I have purshaced from Flipkart,HS18,Ebay but never faced any thing like this before. I ordered 3 Game Cd's on sunday and they just updated "details shared with courier" I contacted them yesterday asking why hasn't any details updated yet,They said they will check it out in some hours,Today...
  5. Sankalp Tripathi

    Any K53SM x010 OWNERS???

    I bought it on the recommendations of many of the tech fellas round here. now that i have bought it some problems present themselves . Installing LINUX on it is really a Herculean's task,and i have not yet found any success in it.when i contacted cust care,they were not sure either So,if...
  6. dharmil007

    Printer Damaged by me ..... need Help

    My uncle bought a printer from US 2 months ago. He bought a converter for it from here. {110V to 230V converter} iT was working perfectly fine, but one day i mistakely plugged that wire direct into our socket. & there was a spark after that the printer is not working. When contacted...
  7. K

    No DVI cable?

    I recently bought a Samsung 22" T220 monitor for 16000 rs, there is a dvi port but no dvi cable in the box. i contacted the store guy he said he opened it right in front of me( it came from jaipur and i live in kota) so they contacted the dealer and he said that DVI cable do not come with the...
  8. Renny

    Lost my KAV serial number.

    Hi, I had got 1 year free subscription thru this link:- * But my PC crashed and I did'nt backup my key nor did I register on the kaspersky site, I contacted kaspersky a week back but I havent got any response frm...
  9. R

    Where can I buy the HP w2408 Monitor?

    Hey guys, Don't know if I'm posting this in the right section or not, sorry mods if this is the wrong section. Anyways, it's been over 3 months I've been hunting to get this widescreen monitor from HP (w2408). I've contacted the local vendors here (Chennai) and everybody says that HP does...
  10. sankaranand

    Pen drive corrupted ! any resolutions ?

    Hey all , i brought a new Kingston 1GB Datatraveler 3 weeks ago which was recently corrupted after using it in my friend's computer. i have been using it in my usb port which is an old version not usb 2.0. It was working fine before but i dont know exactly what the problem is now ! Whenever i...
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