1. N

    asus p5b a good mobo for conroe e6300?

    plz help me . on surfing asus's site i found p5b(the basic one) most suitable for a conroe e6300.can anyone help me on this . and could anyone plz tell me the price of this in delhi or even anywhere in india?
  2. montylee

    Intel Conroe and AMD AM2 Price Thread

    Hey since everybody is excited abt Intel Conroe and the AMD AM2 i thought of starting a thread which will have the latest prices of the above. So, everybody start posting the latest prices now!!! Hey, just checked the latest rates for Computer Empire, Nehru Place: Intel Core 2 Duo: E6300...
  3. blueboy83

    Motherboards for Intel's Core 2 Duo (aka Conroe!)

    Hi, I need information on the MOBO's best suited for the latest conroe! Preferred Choices: 1. Intel 2. ASUS 3. Gigabyte 4. MSI Which one is the best and also offers onboard WiFi Support?
  4. T

    Confused please help

    Hey guys i'm plannin to buy a new PC in august.............I'm a bit confused bout what to buy should i buy Conroe or should i go for AMD.... I had shortlisted the socket AM2 X2 5000+ but now i'm really confused cause i've heared that conroe is better than AMD...........and does reverse...
  5. chesss

    Buying cpu from abroad

    I have almost decided to wait and buy conroe E6400 when it comes out in July. And from what I have read I would have wait for a long time for conroe in India. SO tell me ppl, is it feasable to buy the cpu from abroad (usa) , then buy a compatible mobo, psu, ram locally and assemble...
  6. Kniwor

    Intel confirms hyperthreading is a goner soo after they ealized that P4 was useless, and moved back to the P3 architecture, redesigned it as conroe.... they realized that Hyperthreading is also not all that usefulll
  7. Kniwor

    AM2 to use DDRII 1066? this will mean increase in performance... seems INTEL is not all that sure to sail smooth with conroe
  8. teknoPhobia

    Conroe Steals Back performance crown for Intel

    Do check out Anandtech for the benchmark comparisons of a Conroe 2.66 Ghz v an OCd FX 60.... the numbers, IMHO, speak for themselves... Not only that but the Conroe's are also supposed to be less power hungry than the Athlon64s.... Let us see if AM2 is actually the big deal AMD is...
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