1. mohit8k

    Facing connectivity issues in my LG V20 H918 (T-Mobile US) with Airtel in India

    Hi guys, Recently I got my hands on a LG V20 H918 (T-Mobile US). I put my Airtel prepaid sim in it but I am facing connectivity issues. I had factory reset this phone and it was unlocked from the original carrier T-Mobile. Now after factory reset, I can not connect through 4G data for internet...
  2. P

    Stuttering and Packet Loss on Airtel Broadband. Please help!

    Hi guys, I currently stay in kolkata and use a 8mbps airtel broadband connection. I use the beetel 450TC1 wifi router that they provided when i took the connection. Now the problem is, I suffer stuttering and packet loss during online games. I play games most of the time and that is the main...
  3. G

    NEED WIFI ROUTER WITH MODEM? - Please advice.

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I want a good Wifi Router with modem, I have about 2500 Sq.Feet area in which I use multiple devices that need wifi access, and also if possible I also want connectivity on terrace, so wider connectivity is main concern, please advice.Hope to see reply soon.Thank...
  4. D

    Please help me pick one of these 27" monitors

    Every time I think of buying a monitor, I get confused amidst so many thoughts and models. However, this time I want to buy it within this month as I'm planning to donate my (very) old love 17" LG Flatron in upcoming social cause at my office. ===My Requirements=== SIZE - 27" Full HD PURPOSE...
  5. seamon

    DIY eGPU.

    It's actually possible to attach an external GPU like Nvidia TITAN to a laptop. All it takes is wifi connectivity. Wifi connectivity and GPU-----> no relation you may say but there is. The wifi card is connected to a msata slot, now if you remove it you can attach this instead:- PE4L...
  6. C

    Tablet ~15K

    1. Budget? 15K 2. Display size? 7 or 8" 4. Preferred choice of brand? As long as have good built quality, 128GB pendrive connectivity, available & get warranty in mumbai happy with any brand 7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc). Android, bcoz...
  7. B

    Wifi Router for Cable Broadband

    from which company's router i can get best range of connectivity?
  8. giprabu

    Advice for a tablet around 20k...

    Hi .... Here are my requirements. # a 10" display size (atleast 8") # ppi above 160 # would be good if it is android. # should be powerful enough to handle high graphics games. / smooth web browsing/multimedia. Ok to go with Ipad mini but No gps, No dongle connectivity, No usb...
  9. C

    Connectivity problems with DLink 2750u

    It has been a year since i bought this modem Dlink 2750u works like a charm but for the last few days im experiencing really bad connectivity issues like net works for 15~20 mins and then a downtime of 1~2 mins and this is pattern in which my net works for the whole day so any help would be...
  10. shreeux

    LCD TV Vs LED TV Life Span?

    I like to buy 32" TV My preference is 1.To play Games through PC & PS3 also PS4 in future.. 2.To play all formats like (.avi,.mp4,m4v,mkv,iso) through USB & Ex.harddisk in FullHd also 3D Movie 3.All Connectivity and Terminals including WiFi and Lan 4.Budget below Rs.50000, suggest 2...
  11. A

    bassy earphones

    pls suggest me bassy n best earphones in Rs 800 of 3.5 mm connectivity.
  12. P

    dlink 2750u vs tplink 8961nd vs asus n10

    i am looking for wifi connectivity at my place & a substitute for my existing beetel modem. i have shortlisted the following modems dlink 2750u tplink 8961nd (3db dual antenna) asus n10 (5db single antenna) which one is best value for money & which one will give me the best wifi connectivity...
  13. A

    need help..!!

    best tablet within a range of 5000rs. what i wud like to have in d tablet should be is :- capacitive touch screen wifi atleast android 4.0 minimum ram 512mb ddr3 3g connectivity camera of 2.0 mp will do.. 3d support..(optional) gd battery.. if u have ur own sugguestions within d...
  14. sygeek

    India Gets Its First 1 Gbps Internet Connection

    Link to the article
  15. RCuber

    Dev Board required .. what to chose ?

    Hey guys, I need a dev board trying to figure out which one might be the best with maximum connectivity support. I have previously built embedded boards using 8051/52 as a hobby. now I want to get back to building application using embedded processors. Please recommend. primary connectivity...
  16. I

    Need help with building a Computer with 20K budget

    Hi All, Need advice to build a rig for home use. Budget 20K. Requirements: 1. Basic home pc for Internet browsing, downloading and watching HD movies. 2. Infrequent Dot net and Java programming. 3. HDMI Connectivity to TV. 4. Prefer AMD based config. 5. I have wireless Kbd and mouse...
  17. kool

    Any cheap mobile just for talking with Nokia Bluetooth Headset connectivity? Budget: Rs.1500

    Guys, Can u find me a Cheapest mobile phone that connects Nokia Bluetooth Headset. I want just for talking to my GF :-D, so looks of mobile doesn't matter. Must have features: 1) Bluetooth connectivity for Nokia Bluetooth Headset 2) Battery backup should be good 3) Budget: upto Rs.1500 4)...
  18. V

    need help in buying tablet

    i want to buy a tablet pc below 10k with new OS and internet connectivity through sim & usb port.. please suggest me the best tablet..
  19. Abhishek_Z

    A Smartphone under 12k ?

    I want a good smartphone. Uuuummmm.... my specifications are a bit different : OS: Android, bada or Windows Phone, etc. Camera: 5.0 MP or more Connectivity: Not much but a 2G or 3G phone Anything XTRA like BT, Wi-Fi, is Not-So-Important. Unique specifications right ? :-?
  20. techno

    Best wireless internet solution

    I Am From Malda, WB better known as Mango City....I live here in proper town I want to know which is the best wireless internet connectivity wheather it is 3G or EVDO plz tell me ......:-?
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