1. nims11

    How to compile this thing in windows

    how can i compile this software(pdf2html) in windows. pdftohtml - Browse /pdftohtml/pdftohtml-0.39 at it has windows binary so i am sure it can be compiled under windows. i have never compiled software sources under windows before so please help me out. cant find useful help...
  2. B

    compiled HTML help file error message

    hello friends I was trying to open one e book in compiled HTML help file format.I got an error message . The message says ''The window name main passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified'' please help me to open the book .thanks...
  3. paroh

    compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse required

    [Probled Solved]compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse required Please provide a compiled pidgin 2.5.5 for suse linux. AS while compiling it i am getting different error like configure: error: GtkSpell development headers not found. Use --disable-gtkspell if you do not need it. So plese provide a...
  4. cynosure

    Compiling C in linux

    I am new to programming and am using an ebook to learn C. I am crafting my first program i.e "Hello World" I compiled the program using gcc and--like the ebook described--I compiled it correctly using "gcc -c Hello.c" and got a Hello.o file. The ebook further said that if I use "gcc Hello.c"...
  5. [A]bu

    HTML to Compiled HTML(.chm)

    Can any one tell me the process for changing HTML file to Compiled HTML(.chm).. Pls help me
  6. V

    One Question Please ???

    Are HTML pages compiled or interpreted??? Please Help
  7. pritish_kul2


    @$$(@&$&^%#@(@. no single member can give me a rep for the hard work of 6 posts, that i compiled from various sites. really dsgusting forum
  8. rakeshishere

    The Ultimate Registry Tweaking Software U will EVER See!

    What Is It? Does It Do? RT.Net contains lots of registry tweaks. The GUI is checkbox/textbox based with 18 sections of tweaks to browse through. When you have selected all the tweaks you want you can click the compile button and they will be compiled onto the screen for you to view. There is...
  9. S

    C++/C to Basic

    Guys , is there any software in which you write the code in either C or C++ and get it translated to Basic language which can then be compiled by Basic compilers. I have come across a program that does the opposite it is Site: *
  10. tweety_bird_bunny

    dev c++ compiler not working properly.....

    a few days back i installed devc++ and compiled some 'c' applications that worked fine.... then i formatted my hdd 2 days back & installed everything back.... but after instaling the same version of devc++ the 'c' compilation source files dnt get compiled... if i wirte a new file and after...
  11. K

    Decompile Files Compiled By Quick Batch File Compiler

    Quick Batch File Compiler (* ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh really?? Regular(without password protection) compiled files can be easily decompiled with the inbuilt Batch Decompiler (that comes with Quick Batch File Compiler 2.0.xx)...
  12. Ricky

    photos and clipart

    Hi guys.. I am looking for free - royalty free photo collection to download to use in some designing stuff.. I found that there are many but not any in single package.. So do you any one have all compiled in one package ? if yes then plz send me to rickyjaffery @
  13. J

    java installation

    I just got jdk1.3 from a friend and installed it but all the *.java files that i create need to be in the jdk1.3\bin directory to be compiled or executed. but in my computer center and in college i can have the java files anywhere in the hard drive and execute it for eg: when i type javac in my...
  14. C

    help with JAVA

    hey u guys, im in a fix,m i got this problem with java.. Whenver i try to run a progrm, i get an error saying "NoClassDefFoundError", although the program is compiled well!!! Plz help me, im running windows XP, java was runnning well before on XP, i lately am experiencing this problem,.....
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