1. C

    n78 - A few questions.

    I heard that n78 freezes a lot. Also that it has problems recognizing the memory stick & that it freezes while recognizing the audio files stored on the mem card. Also have read about various other problems with n78. Can someone please tell me how valid these are and is it worth buying it. I...
  2. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Graphic Comparison: X360 Vs PS3 : Round 3

    Gamespot recently conducted the latest GFX comparison between X360 and PS3. See for yourself which is better: Assassin's Creed X360: PS3: X360: PS3 X360: PS3: The Orange Box X360: PS3: X360...
  3. F

    fS: eVGA 8800GT kO[overclocked] same card as sold by funkymonkey. for all details refer here pcb build quality comparison check (comparison of 8800gt of xfx and evga makes)...
  4. C

    multithrading in java & c++

    can anyone give me agood book in comparing between java & c++ in multithreading, cause ifound some articles but they are not specific about the comparison.... waiting....;) thanxxx
  5. raksrules

    which latest issue of digit has MP3 player comparison ?

    which latest issue of digit has MP3 player comparison ?
  6. Zangetsu

    AMD or Intel !!!

    Hi Guys,:D :confused:I m confused between AMD & Intel processors ??? :confused: which is best now from above 2...?? could somebody give me the detailed comparison table of both... mentioning there features & prices & obviously ranking :))
  7. shyamno

    Alternative for iPod

    Hi guys...I know IPOD is IPOD and there is nothing in comparison with it... But can anyone suggest me some of the best alternative for iPod with their pricings...
  8. DigitalDude

    Leopard Vs Vista : Out-of-the-box Feature Comparison

    Engadget has done a nice comparison of Leopard Features with that of Vista. Do check out. [Source: Engadget] Keep in mind that it is an out-of-the-box features comparison so they are not taking into account the 3rd party software and support which kinda turns out negative for Vista. They are...
  9. freebird

    Kernel Comparison: Linux (2.6.20) versus Windows (Vista)

    read full @: You can judge the winner.
  10. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Any SE user using aac music files?

    I have a SE Z550i, just wanted to know that since it supports aac , does this format has any difference in comparison over mp3's. Can anyone also suggest me a free and small software 4 coverting mp3 to aac? THANKS!
  11. anandk

    Comparison of Linux distributions

    Comparison of Linux distributions : "The many Linux distributions differ for various reasons including technical, organizational, and philosophical. Technical variations include support for different hardware devices and systems or software package configurations. Organizational...
  12. vasulic

    Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2

    Hi, Follow the link to have an excellent review and comparison of IE 7 and FF 2
  13. Satissh S

    Fedora Vs Mandrake Vs SuSe

    Came across this article, pretty old but still found interesing, A comparison between fedora mandrake and suse. Click Here! :)
  14. rajesh

    Antivirus Software Comparison

    A good comparison done for all antiviruse softwares here. Kaspersky ROcks. YEah ( I have it u know :) )
  15. T

    voice recorder

    Hi i want to buy an electronic gadget to record voice( lecture classes). are the flash drives(umax vega,draco, transcend etc ) with voice recorder function good at recording from a distance? i would like of something less than Rs 4000 has there been any comparison article on digital...
  16. Sourabh

    Source Engine vs Doom 3 Engine

    i hope its not posted in the forums before found this link now when googling something A technical comparison of today's top game engines To give you an idea of how weird it is to see people comparing a Valve engine to an id engine, consider that without id, Valve probably wouldn't be...
  17. T

    comparison websites

    Can any one give me the address of one of the comparison websites which compares the products in the market like mobiles, AGP cards etc and give us a scorecard? Indian prospective would be nice.
  18. sreevirus

    Live Boot Linux Comparison

    i just stumbled across this site and saw a fairly good enough comparison of some live on cd linux distros. so if u wanna choose a good live boot linux read: they started off with 9 cds and and picked the best from the following three...
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