Source Engine vs Doom 3 Engine

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found this link now when googling something

A technical comparison of today's top game engines

To give you an idea of how weird it is to see people comparing a Valve engine to an id engine, consider that without id, Valve probably wouldn't be in existence. Gabe Newell left Microsoft and went into game development after he talked to the id development team and saw what they were doing. Even more ironic is that Half-Life used the Quake licensed engine from id. Now these are the top engines out there and something no other game will be able to top for a couple of years (Unreal Engine 3). Here's a comparison of each engine, not game, in each critical area of game development.

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Wow nice article. Did tell quite a lot of things 'bout a game engine. Though DOOM 3 engine packed quite a punch, the Source engine came out tops. Not surprisingly as it had more positives than the DOOM 3 engine. The last line "Combining the two engines would be a dream of mine and pretty much any other game developer out there." indeed is very well said, imagine a engine with the graphics performance of DOOM and the AI and physics of the Source Engine, this would make one hell of a Engine. The Unreal Engine 3 though would be highly anticipated, as in the past the Unreal engines have been setting new standards.


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AI and Physics can be dealt with. What's more important (methinx) is the kind of environment+characters u want to render. DIII will be better suited for "out of this world" type games (like Star Wars) while Source will be better suited to "real-world" games (like Deus Ex 3 say) :). Again, character modelling is the one big advantage Source's got according to me.

Also, DIII methinx is more..umm...realistic while Source rendering is more..uhh..beautiful (like Far Cry). Couldn't get the right words, but u get the picture I hope.

Let's try putting it this way - DIII is good for the nuts and bolts types while Source is good for the flower 'n' water types. Arrghh! Guess I gotta go to sleep! :x

P.S: Agreed that to get DIII running u need a (relatively) better config, but the visual quality is much the same across all those quality settings. The impact isn't that big/visible across various h/w. On the other hand, there's some visible deterioration in HL (take the water for example) on lower configs, and ofcourse 'different' (;)) hardware. So that way, there isn't much of a diff betn the two on the h/w front. :p In fact I wld probably say that DIII takes the lead there. :)


Sourabh U beat me into posting this news

Now to ht point D3 was better is better, HL2 doesn't gives round textures but D3 gives, however that pointed heads things in Doom3 is something bad, I remember a mod which corrected it with performance loss, so it is not like it can't be done

Unreal engine has always ahead for indore models, lets see how Source engine beats Unreal Engine 3.0 in indore scenes

Besides, D3 even at 640 looks good (except for the scalines) while HL2 doesn't, & HL2 looks good even on DX 7 or 8, while D3 doesn't

Nothing is perfect


has anyone tried CLASSIC DOOM on DOOM III engine alpha 0.25 version

if yes post ur experience in here

i still havent downloaded it and would surely like to check it out :)
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