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  1. S

    Career Advice

    First of all hello. I am new to this forum and I found this section most relevant to post my question, so please forive me if I am in the wrong section and answer my question. I really need an answer. So, I'm about to choose my undergraduate course but I am confused about computer...
  2. D

    Online linux box.. where i can try some commands for practice?

    i have been using SQL box in w3schools for sql practice, now i need to find a place to try linux commands on net without installing additional plugins.. as i am planning to practice it with offc pc.. no admin privs to install plugins/freewares.. do we have any websites where i could possibly...
  3. S

    Unable to view folder on my USB Drive

    I am facing a wierd problem. I had one old usb drive with data which I need to use now. So i connected the pendrive and it show that 1GB space has been used out of 4GB. Upon opening the pendrive it shows empty. I even tried all the DOS commands to view the directories but DOS shows shows 2...
  4. ramakanta

    Lists of Linux commands line

    There is a link to list of Linux commands from the book "Linux in a Nutshell" a lot of books can be found on the site too. Enjoy with Open source OS Linux Command Directory: Index
  5. Desmond

    Skyrim to get Kinect support.

    Now this could be interesting.... Source
  6. Le0nidus...ftw

    List Of Important Commands In Counter Strike 1.6

    Hey Guys sorry for this noob question but can you tell me all the important commands in cs 1.6:mrgreen::mrgreen: And also a list of important plugins [AMX]
  7. D

    Disk Write Protect Message

    I am having disk write protect problm in my pen drives, no antivirus is able to deal with viruses inside them, Registry tweaks are not working at all to disable write protect. How to format it. Can linux live cd help and how tell me commands, i have trinity rescue kit but i forgot the commands.
  8. J

    Right click problem

    Hi, I have Windows-7. I removed 3 viruses picked up by EMSISOFT. After that I am getting strange problem. When ever I RIGHT CLICK mouse, nothing is seen (except yellow empty window). But when I move cursor down along empty window, commands appear, but only temporarily. I fear I have...
  9. sravan

    How a windows application can receive commands from Internet?

    How a windows application can receive commands from Internet?
  10. sravan

    How an windows application can receive commands from Internet?

    How an windows application can receive commands from Internet?
  11. arpanmukherjee1

    shell commands across linux

    hi people, i have sabayon 4 on my desktop computer (it has 5000+ commands) and carry pendrive linux. i want to copy commands such as java and gcc on the pendrive . Pl. tell the files to be copied to the pendrive (size no limit :; i have 32GB of which 3% is rarely used)...
  12. K

    linux commands

    can anyone tell me any link of a website from where i can download the list of linux commands???
  13. B

    what is the linux command ?

    how many commands in linux ?
  14. mad_max

    DOS commands wont work

    i only found this out recently but every command i type into the command prompt gives me an error says ":command: is not a recognised internal/external dos command" more or less thats what it tells me.Some examples are ping,flushdns,ipconfig,tasklist and i'm pretty sure even the basic commands...
  15. saurabh kakkar

    suggest a book for learning Unix commands and scripting

    plz suggest me a good book or E-book for learning Unix commands and shell Scripting regards saurabh kakkar
  16. chicha

    user permission denied in redhat 4

    i have a red hat 4 and when i create a user from the # promt it creates and then allwos me to add password to it. but when i try to switch user it does not ask for password, and directly goes to the user promt. and there the most basic ls command is not working, no other commands work too...
  17. vamsi_krishna

    Please Post known DOS secret commands to you

    hello computer geeks, I know that there are many secret commands in the DOS. Please post'em all. I don't know even one secret command.
  18. V

    how to create autoplay in cd and dvd..

    how to create autorun in cd and dvd . i know softwares for tat but i dont know how to create using programming and commands.......pls say how to do.........thanks in advance................!
  19. The Conqueror

    Best Linux Distro

    I want to know which is the Best Linux Distro available. I had installed ubuntu 7 in vmware , i didnt liked it much. I want a distro which has maximum Features and applications bundled and with an acceptable Good GUI as i am new to linux world and dont know any commands yet. So please suggest a...
  20. L

    dos commands

    Friends whenever i close the command prompt and open it again the commands which i had type in previous command prompt windows dosent come back again while pressing up/down arrow key why is it so ? Where dose this commands gets stored ? dose it gets stored in registries as it does in case of...
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