1. aryayush

    How to add a third column to my blog on Blogger beta?

    Hello! I have recently started a blog on Blogger beta. The name is rather long: Press any key to... No! Not THAT one! As you can see, the right side of the blog is totally empty. I wish to add a column there so that I can add RSS feeds, polls, quizzes, etc. Is there any way to do so...
  2. champ_rock

    Problem with blog columns blog id is * now what i am trying to do is to make that 2 column template into a 3 column one.. for that i refered to this article * for css help... now when i look up my template html code i am not able to...
  3. N

    how to see the fourth column or programs menu?

    how to see the fourth column of programs menu?
  4. champ_rock

    problem with blog

    this is a strange problem..... the blog works really cooooool in firefox and opera ...... but when i open it up in INternet explorer then the right hand column column is displayed first and then the main and the right hand column... can anyone please tell the remedy for this and why is it...
  5. nil_3

    Excel(ent) problem!

    Please consider two different Excel-sheets: --- Excel-sheet: 1 January 2005 Procured Item---Rice(Column 1) For the Month----70 kg(Column 2) Up to the Month---300KG(Column 3) Excel-sheet: 2 February 2005 Procured Item---Rice(Column 1) For the Month----45kg(Column 2) Up to the...
  6. chitvan

    CD Writing problem

    My pc configuration is P4 2.66GHz,256MB RAM 400MHz,mother board D915GVWB,LG Combo Drive,seagate(IDE)80 GB hard disk, My problem is thatI can not write cd on my pc,after 2 or 3% writing is completed, a write error occurs. in event column it shows `communication failure` & `invalid write state...
  7. slugger

    keyboard shortcuts needed

    using the tab key we can move the cursor to the next column. What I wanted to know was, without using a 3rd party sw, is there any keyboard shortcut which will take the cursor to the previous column
  8. K

    How to insert "Comment" in the Network neighbourhood

    Hi All, OS: Windows 2000 & Windows XP:- In the NetworkNeighbourhood, we can see all the mahcvines that are networked. In that First column will be "Name"-which represents macnhieen name. The second column will be "Comment". I need to insert my name into...
  9. sms_solver

    For Excel experts!

    Is there any hidden features in excel to remove duplicate items from a column full of data. Excel can sort any column, but I need sorting as well as removing duplicate items from the column. I know there is VBA with excel, but I don't want to spend few hours making custom module for this...
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