1. kg11sgbg

    A Big Problem in Firefox (40.0.2 - latest) running under Windows 10

    Guys,please Help me out from the nagging problem cropping up,whenever I try to open up some sites(not all). This message is shown :--> I have to click on the "Reload current page" icon 3~4 times to enter into the site. What is the problem???
  2. A

    NetBeans-Retrieve one by one

    Hi, I am currently using Java Netbeans to make a s/w. i am using mysql 5.0 database for connectivity. prob:- in my one frame i have created -A(jtextField) -B(jtextField) -C(radioButton) -OK(jbutton) i have created a table named XYZ in...
  3. anky

    finding first query from a table through sql

    hi.. i want to find first record and last record of a specific column lets say 'name' so how to get it ? pls its urgent..
  4. dashing.sujay

    [SOLVED] Ms-Excel help for a n00b!

    Guys I'm feeling so n00b like while asking this question, and i really know how silly this question is. So my question is, i got a excel file having data of various students. Problem is I just have to arrange a whole column alphabetically, and i'm not able to do that :( . File is below, and i...
  5. digitalage

    Unix Script- Cut the portion of a file

    Hi I am having a file with the following content(its created by ls of a directory): -rw-r----- 1 321 321 0 Oct 14 10:41 xcv23456 -rw-r----- 1 321 321 0 Oct 14 10:41 xcv23457 -rw-r----- 1 321 321 0 Oct 14 10:41 xcv23458 -rw-r----- 1 321 321...
  6. panacea_amc

    convert 3 columns to 1 column in text file

    hello, i have a text file having the names of persons arranged alphabetically in 3 columns. i need to convert this into a 1 column text file. how can this be done? thanks.
  7. kool

    UPTU website is hacked... !!!!!!!

    **************UPTU website is hacked... !!!!!!! Really.. this thing has left me shocked... some hours ago i just went to the UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University) website and opened my bro result (B.Tech First Year..).. in the NAME column it says "Hacked by:Gaurav_Raj420 " and in FATHER'S...
  8. Sridhar_Rao

    PHP: drop down list and mysql

    I am just starting.. .I am facing difficulty in solving a simple issue. Please help me with code. There is a table with names of individuals and their addresses. Say, the column 1 is name, column 2 is add1, column 3 is add2. I want a simple program in php that would display the ordered list...
  9. roxysmile

    why digitforum don't have RSS?

    when ever i try to RSS digit , it gives a error XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity Location: Line Number 1, Column 2: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> i guess digit doesn't have RSS facilities...
  10. jal_desai

    BBSERVICE.BSNL.IN changed layout.... !

    yes, the dataone usage portal changed its layout and it has some good as well as bad things... first of all, a screenshot: Image hosting the new layout is good... it shows chargeable units column. another good thing is tht the session expires after few minutes of inactivity. one...
  11. K

    How to Make excel highlight a date as it arrives

    Hi, Im trying to get excel to highlight a date 1 day before it arrives, i have dates in a column ( Eg : Column I, from row 2 ), am preparing a follow up sheet in excel where i have to keep track of the customers to visit on coming days, thats the purpose of this formula, i will be greatful...
  12. M

    Any one help me to solve it.

    1 2 3 4 5 16 17 18 19 6 15 24 25 20 7 14 23 22 21 8 13 12 11 10 9 Can any one give me such a program to generate this output??? I wanna this wihthout using of arrays. Very truely, a typical task for me.:twisted...
  13. aryayush

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple?

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple? Posted Jan. 23, ’08, 12:00 PM PT by Aayush Arya Right off the top, I’ll tell you that this is opinion column is related to Apple’s presence in Asia, or specifically the lack thereof, and the attitude of Indian customers towards the...
  14. K

    Excel Sheet Doubt

    Hello Experts, I have 2 doubts in excel sheet. 1) i want to count no of colors i.e. how many rows/columns with blue color or red or white color. 2) i want to highlight particular column with some color if that value is set true/false pls help me out with this thanks in advance Krunal Mehta
  15. dreamcatcher

    Flashget query

    well i use flashget for downloading my torrents and i find that when i try to download a file, say 4 gb...the total downloaded colum is almost double of the finished column for example when the finished column shows 500 mb the total downloaded column shows 1 gb..y is it so???where is flashget...
  16. ayush_chh

    help in excel !!

    hay guyz! i need some help in MS Excel. suppose i enter a DATE in one column, how can i get a DATE of +30 days in other column.
  17. V

    Distrowatch: the MISSING COLUMN (PHR)Any one Noticed?

    Hello, If you are a avid distro hoper, you wouldn't miss your daily monring Tea (or Coffee) in ,the site where Distributions of Linux and BSD variants are fought the *****ed battle to hit the ranking system.. recently it has come in to controversy, when the undisputed king...
  18. JohnephSi

    Free download Manager

    In DAP different mirrors of the downloading site r displayed above the advertisement column. How ca i do it in FDM
  19. g_goyal2000

    MS Excel: Formula for calculation in entire column

    Hi. I'm new to MS Excel. I use MS Office 2003 Pro. I'm facing a very irritating problem. I've created three columns A, B & C. The first 2 columns (A & B) contain 40 records/rows containing numbers. C column is supposed to contain the difference of A & B columns. I want a formula thru which the...
  20. Pravas

    BSNL's Nite unlimited doubt

    Hi guys, first of all i am sorry to post a new thread. I was bound to cuz it was urgent. Will someone please tell me how BSNL's nite unlimited works..I mean how to figure out that i am not being charged. Ok let me explain, when i surf or download online in between 02:00am to 08:00am, my "Fee"...
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