1. C

    Wordpress Login Error due to 2-Step Auth

    At first, I created a wordpress account. Then, enabled 2-Step Authentication via Google Authenticator on Android. Then, it worked well. But, I deleted my app. After that, I tried using one of the 10 backup codes to login, but they all failed. I also re-installed the app, but the codes are not...
  2. S

    DMP Flash Light Codes

    Hello Everyone, I have a TVS MSP 355 DMP printer. Its Copy Mode, Draft & Roman lights are blinking continuously. Have searched the whole web for error codes but coud'nt find. Please help...
  3. G

    Need Very Urgent Help - Samsung Mobile - Replaced Pba

    Hello, to all of you. I have Galaxy S3 phone, actually some days ago, its motherboard gone kaput, I contacted the service center, but they told me that it is not available, then I contacted the Ceo office of the Samsung, they told me that they will arrange the motherboard, when the...
  4. blackpearl

    [For Sale] FREE Giveaway: 15 ebay coupon codes valid till Sep 30, 2013

    I have a handful of ebay coupon codes that I got by recharging my prepaid vodafone online, that's been lying unused. The codes give you a discount of 7% up to a max of Rs 750. These are actually better than most ebay discount codes that are generally capped at Rs 500. These are all single...
  5. justme101

    BIOS beeps!!!

    My PC shuts down after 10-15 minutes if i use the net, watch movies etc. and if i open up CS:GO then it hardly stays on for more than 5-7 minutes. I thought it was an overheating issue as my processor fan is in it's last stage now. Here's the link for the thread where i have uploaded the pics...
  6. J

    [For Sale] FREE ebay coupons codes

    I have a few ebay coupon codes which i want to sell for Rs 0 :mrgreen:. Please let me know is anyone is interested and i will send the same. Please note that although it is a "For Sale" thread, the item is free. Just one request, please let me know if the codes were useful. Mods , please...
  7. gagan_kumar

    batman arkham city help needed

    hi guys i was playing batman AC till i reached a place in the game where we have to gain access to hope tower after scanning helicopter for codes(protocol 10) the problem is even after i scanned the codes when i try to open the gate it say i still need STRYKER master control codes.......plz help...
  8. tech_boy

    QR Code Reader and Generator

    Hey!! Can anybody point about a freeware that can generate and read QR codes in Windows 7.
  9. game-freak

    [For Sale] ps3 games

    1. *Model number and details:ps3 games 2. *Date of purchase:dont remember 3. Reason for sale:finished the game 4. Warranty details:NA 5. *Expected Price: 1650+1650= 3300 6. *Location of Seller: mumbai 7. *Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of paper. battlefield 3 used...
  10. F

    How do Coupon Codes Work?

    Noob Question here .... :oops: How do Coupon Codes Work ? there are websites which provide coupon codes for shopping sites like letsbuy etc.. . . .. I wanted to know if they demand some thing after the sale ..
  11. d6bmg

    1.7 Million Dirt 3 Steam Codes Leaked by AMD On the Web

    AMD has just made a pretty huge mistake while trying to promote its Radeon graphics cards by offering a free copy of Dirt 3 on the PC, as an SQL database that was hosted on its public servers without any sort of access restrictions was quickly found and leaked on the web by a few clever users...
  12. ashis_lakra

    Discount Coupon

    Hi, Does anyone of you know Discount coupon codes from ? If yes, then please post here :)
  13. Zangetsu

    Samsung E1252 codes

    Hi Guys, :smile: I need the secret codes of this samsung model E1252 if known to u then pls do post
  14. R

    having problem in watching 1080 HD vidoes

    i have pentium 4 with 2.26 ghz and 1.25 gb ram.. but i am unable to play videos of high quality . when i try to play the sound is fine but the video plays slow. Is there any media software from which i can play those videos . I have tried media player codes, power dvd latest but no success. I...
  15. speedyguy

    HELP : Unix Mini Project for MCA

    m newbie 2 shell scripting in unix..... i hv 2 do a mini project in unix.... i hv no clue at all for any idea or codes...can ne1 plz help me out wit any suggestion, codes or any link whr i find help... Enjoy~!
  16. C

    Help with a Management Game

    Hi All I downloaded this Porn Manager , a management game (dont go by the title :-o folks, its a real fun game) and just wanted to check if anyone of you have ever played it and know the cheat codes for this one (darnnnnn gamers cant live without this habit of cheating) lolzzz Thanks Regards CV
  17. R

    Grrrr,,,@ Huawei mobile secret code....((PLZ HELP))

    I've a huawei C2205 CDMA handset of tata brand.....I wanted to use a tata sim in it but it said "MIN out of range".....searched tech forumz to solve out this problem....and finally got 4 secret codes to reset...the fone and change settings... while I was trying these codes in my phone...there...
  18. P

    Locking SE phones with passcode

    hi guyz, i was thinking how can i set up this lock in SE phone which only unlocks when i enter a passcode everytime the phone gets locked. I heard that i need to update the firmware and do some tweakings by pasting codes really totally lost in these stuffs...can u guys plz...
  19. kalpik

    N82 v30 firmware available!

    Only for Euro1 codes yet, but will be released in 2-3 days for all product codes! Via Symbian Freak.
  20. rhitwick

    "Windows XP Blue Screen of Death STOP Codes"

    Disclimer: Guyz I've not written this don't thank me.........ok u can thank me for finding this :mrgreen: The source:
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