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  1. dd_wingrider

    Google Search syntax dissected

    Found a nice article about how to customise your search in Google, written by a developer from Chennai, http://sudarmuthu.com/blog/2006/05/07/google-search-syntax-dissected.html May be not new for some, but still gud one to chk out.:)
  2. V

    GMail is now open.

    Atlast gmail is open.. we can create gmail acc without having invites from friends.. chk it here www.gmail.com
  3. H

    intel's price cuts

    chk dis link out http://www.hkepc.com/bbs/itnews.php?tid=714230&starttime=0&endtime=0
  4. iMav

    What are these

    please chk out this link and under the wireless LAN Devices can some1 tell me what are those devices Go Here
  5. iMav

    Wii hands on video

    chk out nintendo wii .... Here .... being released on 8th december .... chk out the game play its awesome ... ur actually playin the game literally .... u punch and there is a punch .... forget xbox and ps3s button .... hav a look
  6. ninad_mhatre85

    is this LAN card prob???

    i hv intel 845 mobo & 128 kbps connection from past 1 month ther is problem in my connectivity so i called my ISP he said ther is no prob from his side so today i connected my cable to my friends pc and ther was no problem at all..... but when i connected to my pc ther was prob ....( just to...
  7. R

    Customize Win XP [Master Tutorial]

    first let me clear you abt the source.. i just search for different tutorial for XP in this Tutorial Section and choose some good tutorial which i find very helpful and complied them to one tutorial.... Now.. chk it out.. i just compiled beautifule tutorial on "Customize Win XP and Improve...
  8. R

    LightScribe Optical drive technology

    LightScribe Optical drive technology - Does anyone know about this. are any drivers are available with this feature in India ? In case you want to know abt LightScribe, Chk these links. http://www.lightscribe.com/about/index.aspx
  9. RCuber

    DataOne - NIGHT UNLIMITED?????

    Hi all , Today I got my DataOne connection.I have been following many topics on dataone for the past few days, and mainly on the "night unlimited" usage. I had applied for a HOME 500 plan (@256kbps), the speed is very good but i was woried about the free night usage. So i did a experiment to...
  10. T

    EDGE nokia 6630

    hey i have a Nokia 6630 how do i activate the EDGE facility? i m eager to use it. By the way wat feature of this fone do u like the best? The clarity of pictures in this fone is amazing. Just chk out!
  11. C


    Just got GTA - SAN ANDREAS PC game! Its just too cool to play it. After finishing off the earlier versions of it I couldnt hold myself to get hands on thin one! Playing it for hours now! Well I just thought of dedicating this thread for it! I am a die hard GTA fan BTW! Hey chk out this...
  12. M

    old chk dsk files

    dear friends, when tried to disk clean drive C, i have noticed "old chk dsk files taking about 131224K space. what is it? Is it an essential file if not how to get rid the same.
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