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  1. quicky008

    Red flickering lines and dots appearing randomly on monitor-please help

    I've been facing a strange issue with my pc for the last 2 days-sometimes when i play a game for a while,red flickering dots and lines start appearing randomly on the monitor.This is really strange as i've never faced such issues with my pc before.At first i thought that this was happening as...
  2. G

    BSOD 124 while gaming....new gaming rig...

    hello everyone, In nov.2014, i built my brand new gaming rig.(Link : http://www.digit.in/forum/show-off/188648-my-1-7-lac-gaming-rig.html) Everything was fine till January and suddenly one day when i was playing Assassins Creed IV:Black Flag...my computer crashed with BSOD error code 124, i...
  3. S

    [Complaint] Asus k53sv Laptop - Cheap Quality + Loot in After Sales Service

    Company Name : ASUS Product : Asus k53sv Laptop Name of Distributer : Flipkart Date of Purchase : 17th December 2011. Location : Mumbai After waiting for years for a new laptop, i finally brought new Asus K53SV laptop from flipkart for ~48,000/- It was shipped from Banglore to Mumbai and than...
  4. S

    Avoid going for Asus Laptops

    Hi I just got a new Asus laptop for 48,000/- and the screen got break suddenly from inside suddenly when i was on my email. http://i43.tinypic.com/2e30llk.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/14ccuvr.jpg Now they say that it is caused due to physical damage however it is not. Its just caused due to...
  5. curioustechy


    recently my desktop developed a problem... when the system boots up, while the desktop icons appear, a message comes which says that 'lmgrd.exe caused some error and it prompts for error reporting.... what could this be?
  6. Z


    my pc is 3 months old and running on windows 7(home premium). Specs: Intel i5-2310 (stock, unoverclocked) 4GB DDR3 RAM Intel H67BL motherboard The pc works fine for weeks but sometimes it hangs and displays BSOD "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary...
  7. Nipun

    System restarts on shutting down!

    My old PC- a Pentium 4 restarts itself when I shut it down. I have tried reinstalling Windows(XP then XP again then 7 then XP then 7 again and finally XP now!!!). What could be the problem? Its a P4 with 1GB x 2 DDR2 RAM(Even caused problem on a 512MB stick), some cheap PSU and I dont know...
  8. tango_cash

    nod32 is messing with utorrent.help

    hi i use nod32 2.7 and utorrent 1.7.7. lately utorrent has started crashing giving the error that nod32 caused it. pls help. here is the screenshot
  9. pritish_kul2

    microbe and one disease caused by it

    i want some info abt the title up there.
  10. blueshift

    No stereo on w300i

    Help. Now I hear mp3s with no stereo. It used to play well before. The mobile had fallen once and I had even plugged the Philips Headphones to it. Would this caused the problem? Is this a problem of only sony earphone(hpm-70) or do I have to goto Service Centre??
  11. W

    Damaged CDs

    Two of the CDs with this month's June issue were damaged, i.e. my CD-writer drive could not read them. But the Business Plan CD worked. There are no marks on either of the un-readable CDs so is there any way to repair them? What caused the damage if there are no marks?
  12. Y

    Win Me error

    Hey! i try to go on a web page and computer freezes and tells me windows management has caused an error. im having Win Me. i get an error that says windows management caused unknown error retstart your computer and it restarts the computer.what can the problem be?
  13. N

    Windows Crashing, pls help

    some time ago, after a few hrs., my pc just restarted and then after restart i got a message that windows has recovered from a serious error, i sent report to ms, it said that it has been caused due to some driver. now, sometimes, the pc gives a stop error, a blue screen appears, and it says it...
  14. K

    Yahoo messenger problem

    Hai, I think i have a peculiar problem. I dont get offline messages in my yahoo messenger when i login with a particular user id, but it works fine with all other yahoo ids. I dont know what caused the problem. Please help me out. Thanx in advance, with regards, killer365 :arrow: :?
  15. H

    16 bit MS-dos Error solved - Anwser

    thanx anna_don \Worked fine and the ms-dos subsystem is up and running fine. DO you know how this problem was caused in the first place >>> ?? Thanks once again If any one else has this problem try this out and Hope it works Go to Windows subdirectory repair , ie C:\WINDOWS\repair...
  16. E


    how to make a start up cd . i need the menu to be an .exe file rather than a .html , so that i can pop up the set up files to install directly rather than downloading it to the pc (the default win download alert box).which is caused by href=some.exe Any one please suggest a free of paid...
  17. W

    need help on WinMe error messages

    I use Windows Me, off and on I get error message "Explorer has caused an error in KERNEL32.Dll. Explorer will now close." another prob is while using internet explorer "Iexplorer has caused an error in kernel32.dll........" help me to get rid/rectify these problem. Thanking you all.
  18. M

    Rnaap nuisance

    i am using windows 98 second edition. recently i am experiencing trouble in surfing.when i control alt delete this rnaap comes. when i end task along with rnaap i gewt disconnected. when i try to reconnect an error message appears as :internet explorer caused an invalid page fault. ondetails...
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