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is this true? about XP

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yesterday I found in an non IT portal that Naming convention of WINDOWS XP b'cos of =======>>> XP is not X and P . it is 2 greek alphabet x ( cai) and p ( rho) as most thought process is developed in Egypt's capital CAIRO . IS THIS TRUE??? OR JUST A DAMN FALSE???

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I thot till now that XP was short for eXPerience that the new OS was to
bring into the moronic computing world....


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:roll: .... cai nd rho.....no i doubt it....can be just a coincidence...
XP according to my knoledge is eXPerience...which ought to be better than ME/98.....

OOpps....by the way why dont u mail bill gates nd ask him this lil secret!! :wink: :mrgreen:


XP definately is for eXPerience

and as for the NON IT portal ; obviously its faking things

and conventions, the word remind me of the Light chapter in IIT syllabus where i used to get different answer for the same question and the teacher used to say both are correct one was with cartesian convention and one was with Real Positive convention. Later i relaized tht it was my mistake and u shld get one answer for tht question. it was just that i screwed up the convention. so mebbe this portal also screwed up :roll:


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its eXPerience no doubt!!

xp surely stands for eXPerience. even the ADs say it that way..
as for the protal...you now know why its NON IT :lol:


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Why shud MS name its OS after foreign cities like Cairo.
MS used to have intresting beta names like Memphis, Whistler, and like. they use either popular places or rives of the states.

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Correct Answer

Hi mira!
Ur Question is interesting
But sorry for all those wrong answers........
Actually XP means Extreme Processing AND THE MATTER OF FACT is this has already come in EARLIER DIGIT ISSUE in the crossword part, i think sept,oct or nov (any one)of 2004 issue


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The XP goes with "The smarter work eXPerience".

Nothing to deal with Processing and Cairo...

Actually simple reason behind this... it was the smarter work eXPerience 'coz the whole Windows UI was throughout changed, XP comes with full of Wizards so tht end users don't have to deal with pain... just task by Wizards... new enhanced start-menu, control panel, help system... over all it was the major improvent in Windows family... then
.NET... all was new... and MS tagged it... XPerience...

XP was codenamed Whistler as it's next OS is codenamed Longhorn...

And the Xtreme Processing Akash said above was for AMD's Athlon XP series of processors, not for Windows.


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Little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

No mate just nother of "Urban Legends " but hardly even that doesnt even hold its ground .

This table gives the Greek letters, their names, equivalent English letters, and tips for pronouncing those letters which are pronounced differently from the equivalent English letters. (There are actually several acceptable ways to pronounce New Testament Greek.)

This link has ABC of greek In word format for thy reference.

now you guys know x stands for chi which is used as "bach"
so the pronounciation would go something like "Chro or chiro" if you please :) . Yes and Windows XP does stand for Windows eXPerience officially as quoted by Microsoft aka Bill Gates Inc. :wink:

BTW yes new Beta version of XP is actually out only on testing level its unofficial nombre is "Longhorn" but still many bugs to be fixed init wouldnt care to use it till its disinfected.
Peace V


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Firstly ..
ChiRho is a biblical term .. used very often to refer to christ
The ChiRho Controversy

Now, back to winxp
Actually XP stands for eXPerience.

Or more truly to the real world, eXPerimental. (SCNR)

I've heard that it stands for Cross Point, as in the OperatingSystem with which the majority of the userbase crosses over to the NT platform. Is this totally unfounded?

Also said to be from the Greek letters Chi and Rho, which when said together sound like "Cairo", which at one time was the code name for a proposed future version of NT. Cairo never materialized, but parts have found their way into Windows 95, Windows XP, and the upcoming "Longhorn" release.

The code name for Windows XP (and for Windows Server 2003, which shares the code base) was "Whistler".

In the Macintosh community, it is commonly believed that Windows XP was named in imitation of Macintosh OSX as a marketing ploy to promote that Windows is "just like" Macintosh in terms of an attractive and easy-to-use GUI. Mac OSX was released March 24, 2001, and Windows XP was released October 25, 2001, although names for both of these products were no doubt assigned many months before the releases.

source :: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WindowsXpNameDiscussion
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