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  1. Cyberghost


    ELEX is a handcrafted action role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic series, set in a brand new post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy universe that puts players into a huge seamless game world full of original characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and...
  2. D

    iball router wireless connectivity problem

    I am having iball 150M ADSL router I have been using this router for past one year without any problems. Recently I noticed I can browse the internet via this router using a lan wire. When connected wirelessly the router is unable to connect to internet. When I boot any computer or bring a...
  3. ramakanta

    Right Click- Format Drive

    when i want to format the hard drive or pen drive, there is a option - Allocation unit size . what does it means. suppose i want to select any one - default allocation size or any other bytes or kilobytes options . whats happens . please help me with details. thank you.
  4. B

    Audio failure on a few games - very strange

    I am having a strange problem when playing a few games - when the game is running, sound randomly disappears completely. This is system wide ie no sound anywhere after that. Only a system restart fixes this. LoTR online is the one suffering from this the most. I thought my 1 year old drivers...
  5. Sathish

    Unable to boot XP from GRUB2 - Urgent help needed

    i have two hdd dual booting with xp and ubuntu i have installed both the os in the 1st hard disk (hd0) sda1= winxp sda6 = ubuntu 10.4 (beta2) my config --------------------------------------- Disk /dev/sda: 80.0 GB, 80032038912 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9730 cylinders Units =...
  6. avichandana20000

    Badcopy pro 4

    It is a recovery Software. GOOD : IT CAN ALMOST ACCESS EVERY STORAGE MEDIA. BAD: The number of bytes filled up by it in version 4 is 2048 BYTES ONLY. So if a CD is showing damaged in the middle of the disk it will start filling up with 2048 bytes i.e. 2 kb only for the unredable sectors...
  7. paroh

    yahoo mail not opening (www.yahoomail.com)

    ping www.yahoomail.com Pinging rc.fy.b.yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out.
  8. R

    Nvdia 6200 wmp hardware acceleration

    why for wmp hardware acceleration is disabled ? according 2 nvdia weby says it support pure video . wikipedia says '''NVIDIA's PureVideo is a hardware feature designed to offload video decoding processes and video post-processing from a computer's CPU hardware to NVIDIA's GPU hardware series...
  9. ay_aceoo7

    DVD writter problem...plz help...

    When i insert a plain dvd into ma dvd writter it's showing like tat mentioned in tat picture i uplaoded....and it's aslo showing "Free space":0 bytes and "Total size":0 bytes....y is this showing like this... The image is Uploaded below see tat i mean in ma next post...chk out..
  10. G

    Pen Drive Problem ??

    Hi Friends, Whenever i plug my pen drive into USB port, It gets detected and it is shown in My computer......but its shows its properties as follows - Free Space - 0 Bytes Used Space - 0 Bytes Whenever i try to right click on the pen drive then nothing happened . but when plug the same pen...
  11. Z

    Missing Drivers After Format

    Well, I just formatted a friends computer and Windows started with 4-bit color. The VGA driver hasnt been installed, its not even recognised properly. I have the drivers CD given with the computer, but its got over a 100 different drivers and auto-scan doest find the right driver for it. I can...
  12. raksrules

    Please help me Tune this query

    I am executing the following query in a loop multiple times. This query takes lot of time to complete on each occurance, thus increasing the amount of time my concurrent program to complete. Please help me tune this. I know there is a Full table scan happening on MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS but dont know...
  13. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    F:\ is not accessible

    Friends Plz help me . F: drive is my working directory .I have important data in that drive . I was printing data through f: drive after finishing my job i have closed that drive. Then again after 1 minute or less I tried to open F: dirve ,It doesn't open instead of opening I am getting...
  14. M

    Pen Drive Problem - Plzzz help

    Hi Friends, Whenever i plug my pen drive into USB port, It gets detected and it is shown in My computer......but its shows its properties as follows - Free Space - 0 Bytes Used Space - 0 Bytes Whenever i try to formet it, it gives back me error messege - " There is No disk, Insert...
  15. Dark Star

    Partion Revivde !

    As you must be knowing that I messed the partition table.. My hdd was gone for repair.. The vendor was pathetic he couldn't fix it. I got the HDD today and booted through Mandriva.. The Testdisk was pre-installed by me .. So I used and restore the Table.. Every thing working fine . .Except my...
  16. Beckhamgal

    A virus has been detectd!! Help guyz!!

    Hi, Every time I log in to my net connection my antivirus shows a virus(actually not one many it shows)...I choose to delete them one after another..but after I restart my net again it reappears. They hv placed themselves at document locals n are in GIF formet...0 bytes size. I m using Avast...
  17. gary4gar

    Moving From Ubuntu 7.10 x86 TO 8.04 x64

    I am thinking of moving Ubuntu 7.10 x86 TO 8.04 x64. So is the upgarde possible? and how to back up settings.. ~# fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Disk identifier: 0x2acb2acb...
  18. bravo007

    Does sify adds total bytes downloaded and total bytes uploaded as total bytes used???

    Hello friends plz guide me. I have sify broadband connection (400MB Limit with 128kbps speed). Yesterday i have downloaded about 100MBs of data from torrent(Client: BitComet) and uploaded about 120MBs of data while downloading. I was thinking that i have used only 100MBs of data but sify...
  19. hayabusa_ryu

    Internet Problem

    hello friends, Whenever I try to connect internet via airtel mobile office I get this. sent = 2835 bytes and recieved = 198 bytes.And sent bytes go on increasing but recieved bytes remains same. In this condition Internet website don't open. What's the problem? I'm totally fed...
  20. the.kaushik

    BioShock demo is not working in my pc

    Today i got my digit and being excited with my new pc i tried this game from the digit dvd and hell i got this error "Bioshock.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I was upset to see that as it being the first game i tried on my new pc and it...
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