1. Krazzy Warrior

    Fastest Slot in Rapidshare

    Which is the fastest slot for download using Rapidshare in India..??:confused: bump bump...
  2. din

    How do I bump up a thread?

    OK, this may sound as a noob query (of course it is lol). How do I bump up a thread? I mean, I see some posts in this forum, people bump the threads within hrs, like same person posts and topics comes on top. Whenever I add a post (just below my own post) it get auto-merged and I could...
  3. K

    Need help printer all in 1

    Hello i need help select a all in one color printer of canon or hp for home use.price limit around 5 - 6k. Bump Urgent!! please Hate automerge cant bump the post Found 2 HP printers C4348 and Hp 915 which is better and any suggestion of cannon
  4. M

    Airtel Not Feasible in my Area.. What to do?

    Hi Guys, I called up airtel guy today asking i want a broadband connection in my area which is Mumbai - Malad East near station.. That fellow said we do not have feasibility in that area.. Any further suggestions?? Should i get Airtel phone to get airtel connection? will it add feasibility...
  5. romeo_8693

    creative SBS560 5.1 sound issue!

    I recently bought the above mentioned speakers but when i connect it to my on board sound ports the rear ones give very low sound but if i swap the rear with the front ones they work normal so i guess my rear sound port is at fault.am i right?? Secondly if im right then should i go for a 5.1...
  6. azzu

    Doctor Gadget !!!

    I believe digitians are not common people so.... TELL ME which is the GADGET,HARDWARE,MOBILE,COMP,CAR,BIKE,.....ANYTHING U THINK UR PROUD OF bump
  7. P

    Where can i get Cooler Master SMPS in Chennai

    Topic.... Please help... I need it urgent Thank you bump...
  8. A

    AC3 to AAC coverter

    I am looking for a converter to covert ac3 files to AAC or mp3 format. Can someone please suggest a good converter, a freeware. bump
  9. A

    Pinnacle media centre on vista

    Anyone using Pinnacle media centre on Vista? bump
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