1. vishnov

    KZ vs Brainwavz vs Sennheiser. IEM below 1700rs

    I'm moving on to an new earphone and I'm torn between KZ, Brainwavz and one for Sennheiser. Please guide me.. 1. Best among KZ ATE, KZ ZS1, KZ ZS3, Brainwavz Delta Silver, Brainwavz XFit XF 200 and Sennheiser CX 275S. 2. Although I'm impressed by KZ, their after sales support is what...
  2. L

    In-ear earphone for iphone

    I need inear earphone with remote(volume control) for my iphone max budget 1.8k I'm confused with the below 3 1. Xiaomi piston hybrid Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone In-Ear Headphones Multi-unit Circle Iron Mixed Piston Earphones Silver Color: Home Audio & Theate) 2. Brainwavz...
  3. V

    Can anyone review Brainwavz omega?

    Now we got many good earphones under 1k. How is the newly released brainwavz omega compared to CX180,CX213, Cowon em1 and SM es18?I am planning to buy it or any of the other above iem. But I was not able to find a proper review on omega
  4. A

    Brainwavz Delta vs Brainwavz Jive

    On lookout for new IEM ear phone with mic. I have zeroed in these two. Review seems nice. can anybody using these provide an insight whether they are worth the Price. Wil use these with mobile mostly. Good bass and clear sound is priority. Any other suggeston with 2000 budget is also...
  5. tkin

    MP4Nation officially enters India with Brainwavz

    Good news for audiophiles, MP4Nation has officially entered India today via Amazon. Prices are competitive and a good selection of Brainwavz items are available, hope to see them bringing other brands in as well. As part of the launch they are providing some discounts, the Delta @ 999/- looks...
  6. V

    Brainwavz m2 alternative needed below 5k

    Looking for earphones with bass like or much better than Brainwavz m2 around 5k. Audio Source : Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ Audio genre : Mostly rock, hip-hop, Rahman songs Budget : ~5000.
  7. S

    Please Advice IEM with mic up to 3k

    Hello guys, Can you Please suggest me a good sound quality in ear headphone with mic. My budget is up to 3k. - - - Updated - - - is soundmagic e30 or brainwavz m2 come with mic?
  8. Adibaba

    Which brainwavz

    Hey guys wanting to buy brainwavz R1 or M1, suggest me which one .I mostly listen to rock music ,jazz and some EDM. AND is it safe to buy from mp4nation. Any help is much appreciated. Regards
  9. B

    Want to buy brainwavz M4 need advice

    i want to buy the brainwavz m4 from (* i have a couple of questions 1. Is it possible to pay using my federal bank international debit card..? 2. Should i need pay any duty..? 3. Any body know any discount...
  10. Neo

    New PMP + IEM | Budget : 8k

    Hi. I am looking to to buy an IEM + a PMP under 8k (although, lower is better, so give me some options). I am a little confused between PMP and phone. If I can get a phone which does not bottleneck the IEM and does not reduce/affect the music quality, I'll prefer that over a PMP since I'm not...
  11. S

    Brainwavz M2???

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new pair of earphones and i have zeroed in on the Brainwavz M2. Should i buy them or are there other better options in this price range?? Kindly give your valuable opinion. Regards.
  12. sriharsha_madineni

    IEM Cases

    Product Name: 2x Brainwavz IEM Cases, 1x Meelectronics IEM Case Expected Price: Rs.250 Each Time of Purchase: April 2012 for Old Brainwavz case and Meelec case, Sep 2012 for new Brainwavz case Remaining Warranty period: No Reason for Sale: Lying unused Purchase Invoice Available: No...
  13. C

    Is brainwave entrainment software safe?

    Today while surfing on net i came across some brainwave entrainment software.are those software safe to use or have some sort of side-effects. does those software need special hardware or daily pc & headphone is more than enough? My System Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 My Earphones brainwavz m2...
  14. J

    [For Sale] Brand new BRAINWAVZ M4 IEMs going very Cheap

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Brainwavz M4 BRAINWAVZ M4 IEM Earphones - BRAINWAVZ Expected Price: Rs. 3000/- Time of Purchase: June 07 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 1 Year Reason for Sale: Need cash for purchasing good mobile Purchase Invoice...
  15. M

    Best In Ear (IEM) earphone below Rs 4500

    Hi guys, I am looking for the best In Ear (IEM) earphone below Rs 4500 with descent bass. I am looking for products with proper customer service and warranty in India only.It should work with my samsung wave which have 3.5mm jack. I don't prefer Brainwavz product anymore as I previously owned...
  16. sriharsha_madineni

    Nantionite Nanite N2 + Brainwavz M4 Combo

    For Sale ! Nanite N2 sold. Bump for Brainwavz M4 Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Nantionite Nanite N2 4GB / Brainwavz M4 Expected Price: Rs 5,500/- Rs. 2400/- Time of Purchase: Feb 2011(N2) from eSantosh / Dec 2011 (M4) Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No(N2)...
  17. M

    Brainwavz M2 -Warranty Help(10 months old)

    Hi I have brought Brainwavz M2 online from Lynx Chandigarh - Largest Computers , Portable Audio , Electronics And Repair [ Maintenance ] Online / Offline Superstore In India [ Chandigarh ] 10 months ago. Now the right bud have some loose connection issue, it sometimes work sometimes not. When...
  18. P

    klipsch s4 or brainwavz m3?

    my sennheiser CX 300 II died recently. now im looking for a decent pair of Y cord, in ear headphones in the 5k range. i prefer good volume and bass. im torn between klipsch s4 and brainwavz m3. please help me decide between the two. also, i live in kolkata so can you tell me where i can get the...
  19. gulati.ishank

    Iem suggestion under 3k

    hi everyone, I want to buy an iem under 3k and i have pretty much finalised Brainwavz M2 but i want to ask that would it be a worthy upgrade to current headphones (AKG K403) cos i have to sell them first before getting m2 and please tell me if the following online store is reliable to buy m2...
  20. fun2sh

    [Help] Charged for Rs 1807 as custom duty on 70$ item by FEDEX

    [Help] Charged for Rs 1807 as custom duty on 70$ IEM by FEDEX Hi, recently I purchased brainwavz M4 from mp4nation for 69.50$. BRAINWAVZ M4 with FiiO E6 & Free FedEx Priority Shipping [RAZSPC: BWAVZ-M4+E6+FEDEX] - $69.50 Now, today the delivery came with a bill of 1807 rs charged for...
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