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File shredder required urgently.

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:?: I need some software that can completely erase files
so that they r unrecoverable.
I know bout the system mechanic incenerater n norton cs n other
softwares but they wont do.
I want this software for my boss on his laptop.
What i need is a single standalone app. to do the job.
There should be no need for installing the software.
It should be very userfriendly n there should not be any installation.
I dont need Nasa level security n 2-3 overwrites are more than enough.
Also it should be fast.
My boss doesnt know the ABC of computing n i just wanna please him
with a simple fast n friendly application for the purpose.Dont mind even if it doesnt do its job only he should be convinced that its unrecoverable.
Like a message 'The file has been permantly erased from the disk'.Thats
more than enough.
Any clues ?
Please provide a solution quickly.
:roll: Im very desperate for it.

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