1. M

    How to increase video bitrate?

    I created some videos using Screencast-oMatic but they have a low bitrate of under 200 kbps whereas I need them to be at least 300 kbps. How do I get a high bitrate for the videos?
  2. A

    Any Video file To MPEG

    I have Sony Bravia, and want to play Movie on it using Pen Drive. My TV Supports MPEG format. Problem is that when I use convertor like Free make Video Convertor and others, by the specification mentioned below, the sound of the movie is not audio-able at all, but the movie plays. Frame...
  3. S

    audio quality and bitrate

    i have recently purchased new 2.1 speakers. i love listening to songs hindi as well as english. i would like to know about audio bitrate and its effect on the audio quality.. :) thanx in adv
  4. T

    psp videos

    what are the specifications of the videos that can be played on the psp with the firmware 6.60... required bitrate and resolution....
  5. Zangetsu

    Understanding HD...

    Hi Guys, Lots of u have watched Full-HD Content (1080p). So I wanna clear the concept of 'what is HD'. High-Definition Video consists of two things A.Resolution above 720p but 1080p is full HD. B.Video Bitrate the more the bitrate the more the crsytal clarity... But I have a...
  6. L

    Can anyone teach me about various audio and video formats

    Like whats the difference between mp3,aac and flac,which is the best.What will happen if i change the bitrate to high.
  7. Y

    Mp3 bitrate showing 0 kbps

    I have Windows XP Professional x64 with Service Pack 2 installed along with Windows Media Player 11 x64. The problem is that in windows explorer, the bitrate field of all mp3 is showing 0 kbps. But when I check out the bitrate by playing the mp3, wma displays it correctly eg - 256 kbps or 320...
  8. VarDOS

    Use Digital Camera As MP3 Player

    (But Only For Those Camers Who Has Audio Recording) Here Are The Steps : 1)Record Any Audio On The Camera 2)Connect The Camera Through USB DataCable To PC. 3)Check The Bitrate Of The Recorded Audio. 4)Convert Any Song You Want With The Bitrate As Same As The Bitrate Of The Recorded Song...
  9. anshul

    How to increase the bitrate of audio??

    The queation is simple: How do we increase the bitrate of a sound track(any format).Are there any softwares available for the purpose and are any freewares available too??
  10. baccilus

    Shrinking mp3 for my mp3 palyer in linux

    I need a software which can encode WMA to mp3 of desired bitrate or atleast shrink my mp3's to the desired bitrate. Is there any way I can do this without booting into m$?
  11. B

    mp3 bitrate converter

    mp3 bitrate converter & rm to mp3 converter any good and fast mp3 bitrate converter available (prefrebaly free) thanx P.S. any fast real media to mp3 converter also required
  12. vish786

    AAC,eAAC,AAC+,eAAC+,HE-AAC,AAC Loseless,AC3,Mp4,M4p,FLAC,MP3,OGG

    We have so many audio coding tech... AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/HE-AAC/AAC Loseless/AC3/Mp4/M4p/FLAC/MP3/MP3pro/OGG... I wanna know which among them can incorporate best music quality, playing every type of music/instrument crisply at low bitrate. there are few synonyms also, would like to know them...
  13. H

    What's the bitrate on your phone?

    Guys, Generally, what's the bitrate of songs on your phone? Most of them are usually 128 on mine. Anyone going higher than that? Of course there are a few 160,192, here and there but mostly 128. And also I'm thinking of converting them to ogg, as you may know, ogg is a very superior format to...
  14. R

    Shrinkmytunes Review

    Here's an excellent review of this software by Z Group * personally i prefer converting mp3's to .m4a using xillisoft video's much better and also lossless too.typically the bitrate reduces...
  15. kaustav_geek

    Tutorial: SHOUTcast in VLC...

    I've been accessing SHOUTcast on winamp from sometime now.. But recently after having switched to Linux, I tried to hear it on VLC....I'm sure many of the users already know this... But its for those who don't. 1.) Fire up VLC Player 2.) Go to 3.) Choose any stream you want...
  16. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Need Mp3 bitrate changer software

    Pls suggest a free software ( not trialware or shareware ) for changing bitrate of the Mp3's of my music collection . I want to change existing bitrate to 256kbps or 320 kbps ???
  17. M

    MP3 vs AAC vs EAAC vs M4A

    I need to convert my high bitrate MP3 files so that I can load them on my mobile phone and listen to them. This phone can play all these formats which is why I am confused that which format is best for encoding? I need best sounding files at lowest size. So please tell me which is the best...
  18. dinesh_mettur

    formats of K750i???

    hi dudes could any one tell me the formats supported in K750i ie audio and video formats i know it plays mp3,mp4,wav(lower bitrate) and 3gp is any other audio and video formats will play on 750i what is mean by AAC ???
  19. gursimran_2006

    Change MP3 Bitrate now!!!

    Hi guys, I have an mp3 player 1 gb. I want to copy more mp3 songs to my mp3. plzz tell me any software link, which can change the bitrate of a mp3 songs. Cheers, gursimran2006
  20. karthik55859


    HELLO GUYS, i have posted a thread 4days ago abt how do i play mp4 files on k750i, now someone has suggested me to use MPEGABLE BROADCASTER software in order to view mp4 files.... i have lost his e-mail he had sent me the best settings via,text message the settings are like these Launch...
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