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  1. P

    Anti Hindu/Sikh propoganda in Starcraft 2

  2. P

    The Demographic Seige of India

    Boom Bam Gone Fam.
  3. ankush28

    Finally Bharat Ratna to Sachin R Tendulkar

    So finally Indian Governnent decided to give bharat ratna, the highest civilian award to Sachin Tendulkar. :) He is the first sportsperson to recieve Bharat ratna. source : Sachin Tendulkar given Bharat Ratna hours after retiring from cricket : Cricket, News - India Today
  4. A

    TVS-e Bharat

    Hi fellow TDF member, i was looking to buy this keyboard: TVS-e Gold Bharat USB 2.0 Keyboards - TVS-e: Flipkart.com This keyboard has no media keys / macro keys / etc.. It's just a cheap 200rs keyboard but with mechanical keys! Will it be a significant jump going from membrane keys to...
  5. ramakanta

    Bhārat Mātā Ki Jai

    There are some main cities Name has changed , that was given by Englishmen . Bombay to Mumbai ,Calcutta to Kolkata ,Madras to Chennai and Bangalore to Bengaluru . Presently in Near past one state Rename ORISSA to ODISHA. Is not Time to change our country Name to Bhārat from INDIA ...
  6. RCuber

    Bharat Electroincs New Tablet ?

    It so happens that I live near BEL (Bharat Electronics) Factory in Bangalore, and came across a huge ad about a new Tablet. I checked their site and no information was available. I vaguely recall the UI, it resembles Android but nothing more can be said about that. There are no specs or...
  7. W

    BSNL's Highly Infected Servers

    Here are the two links that have detected BSNL's Infected Servers 1. The Spamhaus Project 2. Composite Blocking List I don't have much to do with network and security but access to certain websites specially some IRCs have become a pain because of this. If you are on a BSNL line then...
  8. B

    camera for 7k

    i need to buy i camera for my girlfriend. she likes to take pics of herself. my budget is 7000. n i want a li-on battery in it. please suggest me something. btw i searched in my budget n got this, is it fine?Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530 Digital Camera + Warranty | eBay also i can get the...
  9. C

    Bhagat Singh should be given Bharat Ratan

    I can't understand why the indian government isn't naming bhagat singh bharat ratan. Congress bahut ghatiya hai, infact saare politicians hi ghatiya hain. What do you think guys?
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