1. Niilesh

    What to do as a 2 year CSE student

    I currently only know C and a bit of C++ and python. I am passionate towards computers. Some questions i have in mind: Q. What i should focus studying right now?(to get internships and decent job) Q. What should i do after B.E.? Get a job directly or M.tech/MS? Q. How to decide in which...
  2. D

    Any hope after B.E

    My b.e mechanical exams will soon be over. After 2 year drops my interest in studies was gradually over. I was studying just for the sake of passing the exams. I was interested in doing engineering but it has become a nightmare for me. I have seen guys with first class sitting jobless after...
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Can i get government job after doing B.E. in computer science?

    Hi friends. I'm currently pursuing B.E. in cs first year. Can I get a government job after completing my B.E.?If yes, then in which sectors? I only know of indian army through CDS exam.
  4. H

    please Suggest budget configuration for pc

    Guyz i need to upgrade my system but i m really confused wat configuration should i go for... my bugdet is around 20k i need to upgrade processor, motherboard, graphic card and ram. i am confused b/w phenom x6 1050T, X4 965 B.E. or AMD A8 3850. please suggest any other also and the...
  5. S

    Good Cooling fan (HSF) For AMD Phenom X4 965 B.E.

    Hi all, I Bought a PC , config is 1. Amd Phenom X4 965 B.E. 2. Asus ASUS M4A785TDV-EVO 3. 550 w PSU. 4. 2 Gb DDR Transcend Ram So Problem IS Overheating of My procc. When i Boot My Pc after a long time (min of 5-6 hrs). i went to Bios for Checking Temp Of Cpu. It Starts with 25...
  6. MCDC

    Is there any difference b/w B.E and B.Tech??

    i jus wanna know wots the difference b/w B.E and B.Tech ....if theres any,then which one is better???
  7. comp@ddict

    Phenom X4 9950 OC results

    Finally an AMD processor(native quad core) which touches the 4 GHz mark giving classy performance. The Phenom series is somewhat like this: X4 9950 X4 9750 X4 9850 B.E. X4 9950 B.E. The X4 9950 has been OCed to 4 GHz...
  8. comp@ddict

    Intel Nehalem and AMD Phenom Update

    INTEL:- Well, to update all on nehalem. 1.The 2.53GHz Bloomsfield i7 has been tested and posts a score of 16000+ in PC Mark.:) 2. The 2.83 GHz almost touches 18000.:) 3. This is compared to the QX9770 which gives a 10300 score only :D ---Intel announced that mainstream nehalems will not be...
  9. R

    MS or M.Tech

    what do u prefer me to do MS or M.Tech??? where can i do it??? in India or abroad??? i am doing my B.E (Cse)...
  10. S

    best s/w course

    i did my b.e (ece) , what is the best s/w course at present
  11. S

    Course Comparison

    I have recently passed my class XII (CBSE) exams, qualified in AIEEE and COMEDK exams in Karnatala.... I wanted to know about the sites that can help me choose between various career options (I am interested in programming and computers) like B.E Computer Science, B.E IT, B.Tech IT and...
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