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  1. mukherjee

    About filters and bags

    Hey there! So I have a got a new Nikon D7100 (52K body only), with a slew of new lens purchases. Got a Nikon AF 50mm F/1.8D prime lens for about 4.6k( after 1k GC) from Amazon. Hold on! Got another Nikon AF-S 18-140mm F/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens for about 12.6K ( after 6.7K GC :D ) from Amazon too...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Need Camera Bag Suggestion

    Hi all. I need to but a backpack style camera bag that can hold D5200 with attached Nikkor 55-300 mm lens. I really like the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW but I'm not sure if it will be big enough. Please suggest some other bag and share your experience with this bag. Thank you.
  3. pranjal.3029

    Camera Bag under 700!

    This might seem like a very weird thing to ask but the bundled camera bag of my Nikon Coolpix P510 is very cramped after fitting all the wires and extra batteries. So can anyone suggest a camera bag which can easily accomodate my P510(advanced P&S) and its 3 batteries, an HDMI wire, a USB Wire...
  4. Faun

    Need help guys

    I was in party recently. Just writing down what happened there. Nothing is exaggerated there, it's what exactly happened. I am not sure if this thing was racially oriented but I do feel racial undertones in the behavior of bouncer. I chose not to play the race card in the review. My...
  5. R

    [Complaint] Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 RMA Experience

    Hello friends .... I Gave my Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 rev 2.1 to Accel frontline Nashik forRMA on 8 dec 2012. I got call from Accel on 25 dec 2012, He said that "ur mobo arrived pls come n take it " . So i went to Accel frontline Nashik center .They put UD5 in front of me, That mobo is Not...
  6. M

    Please help me answer this maths question

    1. A bag contains printed articles of 4 different kinds: periodicals, novellas, newspapers and notebooks. When 4 articles are drawn from the bag without replacement, the following events are equally likely: the selection of 4 periodicals the selection of 1 novella and 3 periodicals the...
  7. Stuge

    Lowepro India Warranty Experiance -One Word Terrible

    I gave my Lower pro 300 runner pro bag for repair to Lower pro Interfoto ,Rajindra Place -Delhi on 22nd December 2011 [They are the distributors of Lowepro bags in India ].At that time I was promised that orignal lowepro zip/zipper will be used to replace the defective one ,and it will take...
  8. ax3

    Need a Bag ! ! !

    i need a bag just as shown in "bourne supremacy/identity", red bag which he picks up from the bank ... anyone what that bag is called & where can i get it ???
  9. A

    camera bag

    Please suggest a good camera bag.. the default Nikon bag can hold my 3 lenses but its very difficult to change n keep in it..
  10. G

    Carry bag?

    Hello, to all of you. Can somebody please post the picture of carry bag that usually comes with the HP DV6 Laptops? I want to know its type. Thank you for reading this post. Regards. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  11. R2K

    Shoulder/Side bag or Backpack

    I am gonna replace my existing bag with a new one soon... I just need to carry a notepad, a 14.1in laptop, may be a shirt or two.. What kind of bag would be suitable for my needs...A backpack or a side/shoulder bag or which one do you guys prefer:-D
  12. M

    Laptop under 75k config and portability priority

    Hi all My friend is looking to buy a laptop in 65-75k range. His company has given the following min. specifications. Please suggest good laptops in this range. Processor: Core i5 or above RAM:4GB DDR3 1333 MHz HDD: 500 GB or 64 GB Solid-state DVD R+W Display: 13 inches or higher...
  13. A

    bag it today.. fraud or good?

    Hi guys, When i have got many promotional mail from bagittoday.com an branch of India Today. When i saw it first, i belived in their prmotion and ordered for a MTV premium watch after i ordered i had just searched bag it today on google, i had got many reviews of their cheatings to customers...
  14. A

    Nikon L110 Vs Sony DSC-H55

    I want to buy a camera. i have narrowed it down to two camera.. Nikon L110 and Sony DSC-H55. i am confused which one to buy. Sony comes with 3 yrs of warranty,4 gb card, a carry bag 10x Zoom Nikon comes with 2 yrs of warranty , 4 gb card. 15x zoom. No bag.. Both has HD VIDEO recording.Any...
  15. dubey.vibhu

    Dell Vostro 1015 deal

    In Ghaziabad, I am getting a Dell Vostro 1015 N series at rupees 27900/- (Black colour, with non genuine Windows 7 installed...Also included is a carrying bag, 2 GB pendrive,an option to choose between ear phone and mouse)... So, is this a good buy?
  16. iinfi

    mobo screwed with anti-static bag..HELP!!!

    i v bought a new machine my dealer has screwed the mobo with the anti-static bag into the cabinet. i m clueless as to why he has done it!! sud the mobo be screwed with the anti-static bag inside the cabinet?
  17. reddick

    About : Dell 15 Inspiration

    About : Dell Inspiro 15 It's price is 37K here in Chandigarh excluding taxes...So did they provide Laptop Carry Bag along with it? How much would it exactly cost to me including taxes n carry bag? Does buying 9-cell battery is a wise idea...Thanks Mate!
  18. paroh

    Bag lost in transit, Spice Jet to compensate

    Fri, Jul 17 05:09 AM The District Consumer Disputes Redresal Forum has directed Spice Jet Airlines to pay Rs 30,000 as compensation for mental agony caused to a passenger whose baggage was lost in transit. The airline has also been directed to pay Rs 3,000 as cost of the bag in addition to Rs...
  19. channabasanna

    Suggest me a good Laptoo bag

    Suggest me a good Laptop bag Hi All, Few days ago my brother got XPS M1530 configured, which i have posted in the Post your latest Purchase thread. Now he has asked me to get a Laptop Bag, Mouse, Laptop Cooler for him. So please do suggest me good ones. Budget : Rs3000. And i dont wanna...
  20. raksrules

    Baggage Specification for travelling to US ??

    Hi all, My brother is scheduled to fly for US this month end. I wanted to know what is the specification (size, weight and number) of Bags for people traveling to US in Economy Class ?? Please help me with information and also let me know if i go to a bag shop (like american tourister, VIP...
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