1. C

    Gaming mouse+Gaming Keyboard+Gamepad

    Hi all. I am looking for a Gaming Mouse and Gaming keyboard, and, if some money is left I also want a gamepad. :)) My requirements: -The size of keyboard should be < 19 inches. -The mouse should be good looking :P I dont like mice like Razer Naga Molten Special Edition...
  2. tkin

    Logitech G110 review

    Re: Post your latest Purchase Just purchased Logitech G110 keyboard @ 3.6k+tax Blue Backlight Pink Backlight Red Backlight Media controls, love the volume scroll button, blows everything away, allows as low as 1% increment in winamp. The G Keys. The gaming key that...
  3. topgear

    [Complaint] Cheated by Viewsonic - Resolved by Digit

    getting some Backlight Bleeding issue at the bottom ( 5 in total and they look like circles of 2 cm ) and right bottom side ( a straight line around 3 cm in wide ) of my 19 inch 3 yaers old viewsonic (VG921m ) monitor ( still 5 months left for warranty ) ... should I replace it ... will...
  4. speedyguy

    HP notebook backlight problem

    i hv a tablet pc...ts supposed 2have a dim screen wen runnning on battery n full backlight wen on plugged in supply.....but since a couple f days i observed ts alwez showin a dim screen n thrs no change wen i plug in out the power supply..... is it a hw issue or sw.??? thanx Enjoy~!
  5. rb_kaustuv

    My LCD System Monitor

    My character LCD based System Monitor Had a lot of SPARE time in hand so thought why not rig up a little character based LCD as system monitor and keep my Monitor switched off..:D The LCD is a 16x2 character had to cramp in a lot of info in those little spaces. It's got a Greenish-Yellow...
  6. Official Techie


    i have heard about a software for nokia phones which increases the intensity of the backlight very much such that it behaves like a torch
  7. T

    Changing backlight

    I am probably the last person on this earth ( or digit forum atleast ) using a NOKIA 1100. I am happy with this landline kinda cell phone except 2 issues. 1) Its rubber keypad is clean white now with no printed material on it as its been under my constant torture for 2 years. Well this can be...
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