1. S

    FS: Pentium 4 2.4, 865 Mobo, 256 MB DDR

    i want to sell my proccy, mobo and ram which i am currently using. i am planning to upgrade if i can sell them. the proccy and ram are 4 years old and the mobo was replaced by Asrock and it is 2 years old and no component carries any warranty. the system is running fine without any issues...
  2. S

    Upgrading Suggestions

    Suggestions For Upgrading I mainly use my PC for browsing and a bit watching movie. With SP3 my PC is really very slow and want to upgrade it. My budget is around 3k. Please suggest me whether if increasing RAM and adding an AGP will help. Also do i need to change my SMPS if i add an AGP card...
  3. A

    is this ok for gaming

    amd athlon 64x2 6000+ asus crosshair 590 sli mobo 320gb sata2 seagate hdd (16 mb buffer) transcend 1 gb ram (800mhz)* 2 nos but for others i need ur help :confused: which grapich card for this configuration ?:( and what power supply?:( and which os vista or xp? presently i am having intel...
  4. sujeet2555

    asrock motherboard with AGI

    i have P4 1.7 Ghz and an asrock 845GV motherboard with something AGI port instead of a AGP one.i am currently using nvidia mx 440 card with no problem.but i want some better upgrade for my graphic card by which i can play some current games with playable frame-rate.i don't want any thrill-fill...
  5. P

    Old mobo availablity

    I'm looking a motherboard for my old 478 socket P4. Is there any good brand which offers 845 based motherboard with onboard graphics? The only brands I can see are Mercury, Asrock, His etc. which I do not want to buy. I'm looking for MSI, Gigabyte, Asus...kind of good brands. So are they available?
  6. sujeet2555

    bsod:on hardwre upgrade

    i had a via 845gl board,512 mb ddr,80 gb hd,nvidia mx 4000 with windows xp sp2 pro.i recently bought a new motherboard that is asrock p4i845gv.on installation the system gives the error STOP 0X0000007B(0XF8B18640,0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000) and says something about hard disk...
  7. real 3d

    New Graphics Card needed

    Hi People, I am new here, As I am a 3d Artist I am always looking for more Video memory than anyone could ever had out of his pocket, I already have a 128 mb 5200FX and that Cards Simply Sukx, I am planning to buy a new AGP 8x Card for my budget is around 4-5k. This is my PC till now - - P4...
  8. MakeWayForTheBadGuy

    FS: Asrock 775Twins HDTV R2.0 Motherboard.(Conroe support)

    FS: Asrock 775Twins HDTV R2.0 Motherboard.(Conroe support) update: Bundle offer!! *10 characters*
  9. Thor

    How to Overclock ASRock 939NF4G ?

    The Subject says it ALL!! Hi There! i wud like to overclock my AMD Athlon 3000+ 64b on a ASRock 939NF4G . Any ideas how to go abt it ? I googled,Yahoo ed, Msn ed, ask ed but all r very vague abt it! Thnks in adv.
  10. A

    Info on Asrock mobos & its support 4 AGP8X & PCI-E x16

    I am planning on getting ASRock 775Dual-915GL or ASRock 775Dual-915GV mobo. Which one is better? Also how does these Asrock mobos compare with other motherboards from MSI & Gigabyte with the same chipset and within the same price range in terms of speed and stability? I also would like to...
  11. V

    ASRock 939Dual-Sata2

    Just a few days back I saw X800GT arrive from nowhere and now this. This is a 939 socket motherboard with both AGP and PCIe options. The best part is there are no peformance compromises. See the anandtech review here I always thought ASrock...
  12. S

    Driver available ?????????

    Hi , I would like to know where i can get intel i 915G graphics drivers for win98.I have asrock 915G chipset mobo.Please help me out.Almost everywhere i search , i get only XP drivers. :?:
  13. A

    compatibility with ASROCK P4 915GL Dual

    i have p4 1.5 ghz processor purchased in sep 2002. i think it is of 478 socket (not sure!!!) can i upgrade to asrock 915 dual without changing the processor? pleaaaase help me
  14. kunwar

    Can i get asrock 915 p4 dual for my 2.0 GHz processor?%!*!!!

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :idea: :roll: :shock: :( :!: :?: dear ....................... I want to get asrock 915 p4 dual for my 2.0 GHZ processor which sports socket 478. I HAVE INTEL 845 Motherboard...
  15. G

    Fedora 3 , mandrake 10 is not willing to install !

    I recently got the Fedora and mandrake cd The Problem is that on installation during Hardware checking it shows an error relating to usb port i use ASROCk motherboard [/b] :roll: :x
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