1. B

    Gaming rig suggestion for 50k

    Asking this for a friend of mine. He currently has an i3 530 and GTX570 and want to upgrade his system. I am not going by that pre-done format but making my own here. - Budget: ₹50000 (Could be increased if needed) - Main purpose for the rig: Gaming - What will be purchased: Only...
  2. ithehappy

    Is Teracopy the fastest out there?

    As the title asks...or any better available?
  3. H

    Gordon Van Dyke,Battlefield 2142 producer asks if studio ‘has the balls’ to return to future setting

    Ex-Battlefield 2142 producer asks if studio
  4. E

    sd card glitch help needed

    I have a Transcend 8gb micro sdhc card.i inserted it into a galaxy y it showed 'sd card not inserted'.when i insert it into my nokia x2-02 it asks for password even though i havent put any.i also inserted it in a sd card reader in my pc but the system hangs when i try to access it.Linux also...
  5. V

    Stuck with XP installation

    Hi, I am trying to install Windows XP SP3 Home Edition on my Dell Mini 12 from a disc which came with it using a external DVD-Drive. In BIOS Boot Priority is 1st for DVD-Drive and 2nd for HDD. It does booth from CD and lets me select partition in which i want to install XP and later on it...
  6. sukesh1090

    corsair vs 450?

    guys it is not a spelling mistake it is corsair vs 450 which is listed in primeabgb for sale @2k.i wanted to buy seasonic s12II 430 but now i am getting confused looking at this offer in prime.i googled for that psu and google asks that is it vx450?so now my doubt is it a bug in prime website or...
  7. Anish

    Reliance netconnect+ queries

    Hi all, I recently bought reliance netconnect+ broadband modem @1400INR and Its promised to provide upto 3.1Mbps speed. I get a full tower in my locality and falls in coverage area. Inspite of this, I get very poor transfer rates. I hardly get 100Kbps speed and a download speed doenst exceed...
  8. S

    ACPI not compliant

    During installation of Windows XP Pro PC gives a stop error that says the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant and asks to restart the PC. CPU is Intel P4 & the motherboard is of MSI
  9. U

    merging 2 cd game in 1 dvd

    i have age of mythology game which is on 2 cd. i want to compile it in 1 dvd. whats the proper way to do it, so that it doesn't asks for cd 2 while installing the game??
  10. B

    How to install Shogun 2 Total war?

    I have downloaded the Shogun 2 Total war I has 2 .mdx files When I mount the files using Daemon tools and start installing the stem installs & asks for creating account. I created a account & then it asks for serial number 4 Shogun 2 Is there any way to crack the game? I dont knw how to...
  11. gdatuk

    SDHC card not recognized in Windows pc

    I have a 32GB sandisk SDHC card with my Nikon D3100. I have been using it for over 5 months now. I pull out the SD card from camera and plug in a generic card reader to connect to PC. everything was fine until today morning. The PC wont't recognize the SD card anymore. It asks me to format...
  12. adirawat20

    Just Cause 2 Problem

    Guys i have installed JC2 but when i start the game it asks me to select language. Then i click launch and nothing happens?:-(
  13. blackhole

    sudo help

    ok i install ubuntu now when i try sudo apt-get install wine 4 window softwares it asks for passwrd...i enter passwrd but it doesnot appear...wht to do??????
  14. cluby

    password protect folder on portable hdd

    can ne one suggest a software so that I can passwd protect folders on my transcend hdd. tried the truecrypt it encrypts whole drive , when drive is inserted windows asks to format the drive , neone can accidentally do that instead of mounting the derive with truecrypt. so if there is...
  15. bajaj151

    Nokia 7210 locked ?

    I am using Nokia 7210 from last 3 months and I have never used any security code. But today when I change my SIM asks for security code..How can I unlock my phone ?? Thanks in advance....
  16. A


    hi guys i have a problem which is giving me headaches i use windows vista ultimate&winxp the problem is that whenever i plug any usb device vista asks for its driver even for a pen drive or a logitech gamepad which i have previously used without any problem even when i plug my usb mouse vista...
  17. redhat

    Where to get C++ compilers?

    I am a new student of C++ I tried searching on google, but couldnt find any download link to a compiler download. I want borland / turbo since my college asks for only that! can some1 pls help??
  18. rohitshubham

    bluetooth probs

    hi i have 2 phones namely SE T610 and NOKIA 2600 they both have blue tooth But they dont connect and the SE one always asks for passkey and how to disable that
  19. chicha

    "WINDOWS" folder in the bin!!

    this might seem like a stupid question i have this one folder in the recycle bin called "WINDOWS", which strangly can not be seen even as i set my folder option to show all system and hidden files. but when i try to empty the bin it asks me if i really want to delete "WINDOWS" folder...
  20. Plasma_Snake

    Firefox Theme Problem

    I downloaded 4 themes for firefox using Internet Explorer. Now as they are .jar files, Nokia PC Suite is their default program and if I open them using Firefox , it asks where to save them. Is there a way to install these themes or just have to do with traditional online installation.:confused:
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