1. W

    Want to be a video game artist

    Hello guys! i am yash from india ..and i am currently studying in 11th with subjects PCB nd fine arts...i am very interested in gaming and how all gaming i want to be a game artist...i did a bit of research and found it very interesting...i want to know the steps i will have to take...
  2. A

    Speakers for PC (2k-3k)

    Hi, I am looking for the speakers for my PC Budget 2k~3k Setup: 2.1 Place of Buying: Online Genre: Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Hip-Hop Mainly for: Music listening Artist I Like: Davis Guetta, Nicky Romero, Avicii, Enrique, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Pitbull, Chris...
  3. S

    Any good artist looking for work

    I am looking for any good artist for creating some 2d cartoon art for games. If your prices are reasonable i have work for you. Let me know if any1 is interested
  4. H

    Home Stuido Help

    Hi everyone.... I have been looking for gears for home studio. I have seen that there are many Indian peoples out here, so I want to take advise on microphones For now I have at2035 with scarlett 2i2, which was the best I could afford. But still I have not been able to get the quality like...
  5. B

    Comic Artist

    Hey guys I made a colored the pic in photoshop and i want to be a comic artist plz tell me is there a chance for me?? * all reviews good and bad accepted
  6. Empirial

    iTunes Alternative for Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi, I need an App/Software for managing MP3 files in Ubuntu 11.10 64x. I need something that allows user to manually edit tags like Artist, Genere, Album Artist, Composer & also manually add/delete Album Art just like iTunes. Please Reply!
  7. C

    Logo design

    Hello Everyone, can anyone help me find the artist who designed this logo.Or who own the rights to this logo. Would really appreciate any help Thanks
  8. A

    desktop configuration for a 3d artist!

    hey folks! i am an 3d game artist by profession and i need to upgrade my pc.i use to work in softwares like maya, 3ds max, zbrush etc and also i want to play latest games on my new machine. i dont have much knowledge of computer hardware, with the help of google i have selected this...
  9. A

    Need to stop WMP 12 from arranging music files artist wise

    Hey guys, I use WMP 12 on Win7 x64, and it automatically creates Artist folders and moves all the library songs in it. E.g. It will move the A.R. Rahman song 'Dil Se Re' from the Folder Dil Se to a folder 'A.R. Rahman'. Please tell me how to stop this.
  10. ajayritik

    Need help in making video clips for quiz

    I'm planning for a video quiz for our team. Could someone give me some suggestions on how to go about with this? Firstly which of the formats is best that I can use also how can I edit the video. I remember in some TV Quiz shows they cover the artist or blurr him out. Can someone please...
  11. techking_dinesh

    Suggest me a Software for the following

    Hi, My Friend is a Dj. Not a Professional but he mixes very good He has his own mixing of over 20gb. But he is afraid to distribute them among friends as he feels that others can just change the artist name and distribute as if they made it So can u guyz suggest a software which will not allow...
  12. windchimes

    Doubts regarding website design and control

    I am not an expert in coding web, so this is to appear naive for a few. As I have to be incharge of the content for an upcoming website which has videos, text etc I need to know 1) Do the web designers finally allow you with login id so as to upload data/images? 2) Is it possible to...
  13. moshel

    WMP got the wrong album info!

    the story goes like this. I bought the original ROck On audio cd, popped it into my DVD drive on my comp, fired up WMP11, selected the CD.... poof.... I see altogether different tracklist, and the artist is David Essex!!! The album name is Rock On. Then i fire up Itunes, select the...
  14. naveen_reloaded

    Find Your " Similar Artist/Genre "-Music Lovers Only

    Since its been some long time Open Doors - Evanescence has been released...i was like .. wanted to hear more of that kinda songs.. so searched the net... i found many artist too.. but i didnt know whom to select.. So i here by open this thread so that you can find and share Similar...
  15. ajayashish

    Music file dont show details

    I have Windows XP 64 bit installed. All the Audio files are not showing any detailed atributes like album name and artist name which are already present in the tag there. More over when i click on properties and go for advanced details the details to change or modify the album name and artist...
  16. phreak0ut

    Please support, circulate and sign this petition

    I guess pictures speak a million words. Please sign the petition here to stop the cruelty! *
  17. L

    A small help

    I guess this is not a major problem but its starting to irritate me. The thing is all my mp3 files only shows the song title and it no longer displays the artist and album name which happens normally. Is there anyway i might bring the display of the artist and album name back. The collection...
  18. blackpearl

    Messiest room in the world!!

    Not mine!! My cousin brother's who is an artist. Can anybody beat that?
  19. Drizzling Blur

    Song name display when playing ACD

    All the Audio CD's i have display "Unknown Artist - Unknown Song" as names of the songs and the artist. Some times randomly they straighten up and then the names are displayed. Could some one tell me about what this is all about and how i can enable it to all my cd's, its not something...
  20. R

    MTV VMA 2007 Nominees

    Best group:1.Fall Out Boy 2.Gym Class Heroes 3.Linkin Park 4.Maroon 5 5.The White Stripes Best New Artist: 1.Lilly Allen 2.Gym Class Heroes 3.Peter Bjorn & John 4.Carrie Underwood 5.Amy Winehouse Best Female Artist...
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