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  1. K

    Urgent Earphones with mic

    Ok so I need an earphone+mic with overall all round performance! Budget: ₹1500 Preferred brands: Like:Tekfusion Twinwoofers,etc.(I am not an audiophile) Dislike: Not any in particular Compatibility:iPhone 5 Compatible Features : 1.Nice build quality(A bit rough user,before 2 months I used to...
  2. R

    [Help] Apple Macbook Pro Battery Replacement advice

    I have a :-? running well but the battery which has had over 1086 cycles needs to be replaced after 3 long years. Now there are many options i have Lapcare battery which provides me half the backup time at around Rs.3000 Battery from the Service centre which is costing me Rs.9600 With...
  3. S

    Tablets _ Suggestion pl_Urgent

    Hey Folks... Trust you're all doing good, I am in process of buying apple ipad, can you suggest which model has got 3g option with cellular & wifi, my budget is around 35k.. pl suggest me model... have shortlisted following models Apple 32GB iPad with Retina Display and Wi-Fi (4th...
  4. A

    Gapless Playback- alternatives to Apple?

    Some of us love gapless playback. For live albums, or songs that are fused together or fade in to each other, it's a nice thing to have. Ask Pink Floyd/Porcupine Tree/Queensryche fans and they'll tell you. Finding an MP3 player that supports it, though, is tough, unless the player happens to...
  5. O

    Apple Peel available in kolkata market?

    Guys, any idea if this thing is available in Kolkata or not? I would like to go and see it rather than ordering it online. In case, any one have had tried this thing already, please share back your experience. Thank you. Yosion Apple Peel 520 II WHITE | Peel520.net
  6. nikufellow

    Apple relaunching 8GB iPhone 4 in India to boost sales

    Lol seriously? Biggest JOKE of 2k14 Source :Apple relaunching 8GB iPhone 4 in India to boost sales - GSMArena.com news
  7. K

    [For Sale] Winter Sale! iPad Mini 64GB, Blackberry Curve 9360, PS Vita (w/ Covers), PS3 & Vita Games, IOS Cases

    Below is what's up for grabs! For the more expensive items (PS Vita / iPad Mini), local pickup is preferred for safety and testing purposes. Details regarding shipping, payment options (and preferences) and condition of the system, accessories and games are described below. 1. Serious...
  8. amjath

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered Source You know which device they are talking about NSA is able to install spyware on all iPhones Source But the obvious reply from APPLE Apple claims it 'has never worked with the NSA' to create backdoors in any...
  9. R

    Apple Pulled Up In Taiwan For Interefering In Pricing

    Apple Pulled Up In Taiwan For Interefering In Pricing | TechTree.com
  10. amjath

    Retina Apple iPad mini gets blasted for having outdated display tech

    Retina Apple iPad mini gets blasted for having outdated display tech - GSMArena Blog Original Source: Mini Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out Big letdown Apple is not Apple anymore in Quality, that too they cost us more
  11. Empirial

    Apple aims for Rs 1,000 Crore From iPhone 5S Sales in India This Quarter

    After selling out its premium iPhone 5S within 24 hours in India, Apple is now aiming to generate Rs 1,000 crore worth of sales from the smartphone. This would be twice the volume of sales of the iPhone 5 in the year ago quarter. To achieve the target, Apple will have to sell two lakh units in...
  12. G

    Ipad Air explodes at a Vodafone store in Australia

  13. L

    Iphone 5S 16 GB Silver with Apple India Warranty

    1. Model number and details: Iphone 5S 16 GB Silver Apple (India) - iPhone 5s - Technical Specifications 2. Date of purchase: 06-Nov-2013 (Received Today 08-Nov-2013 as i have purchased online) 3. Reason for sale: Purchased as a gift, product received late so i had bought another piece locally...
  14. Vyom

    Microsoft and Apple unleash thermonuclear war on Google and Android!

    Could this be the end for Android? Former Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs didn't like Android and told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he would "destroy Android" because it was "a stolen product" before going on to say that he was "willing to go thermonuclear war" on the platform...
  15. quagmire

    Apple earned more than Samsung, LG, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo & Motorola's mobile shipments combined

  16. quagmire

    Apple Unveils New iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini

    iPad Air Display : LED-backlit IPS LCD, Resolution 1536x2048 RAM : 1GB Chipset : Apple A7 CPU : Dual-core 1.3GHz GPU : PowerVR G6430 Storage capacities : 16/32/64/128GB Battery : Non-removable Li-Po battery (32.4 Wh) Rear camera : 5MP with 1080p video, Front camera : 1.2MP with 720p video...
  17. srkmish

    Apple Event Live Blog/Streaming Oct 22

    AnandTech | Apple Event (October 2013) - Live Blog Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2013 Well be seeing Ipad 5, ipad mini 2 , New ipods, New mbp and new Imac :D . The event will start at ~ 10:30 PM IST
  18. amjath

    The Apple iPhone 5s slo-mo video is not actually 720p- GSMArena Exclusive

    So finger print reader hacked and now this slow motion is flawed[can be fixed by update] so no reason to upgrade to 5s huh Source
  19. N

    [For Sale] Apple Macbook Pro 13' Early 2011 Model

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Macbook Pro 13' Early 2011 Model Expected Price: Rs 48,000/- Time of Purchase: August 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | Till August 2014 Under Apple Care Protection Plan which can be...
  20. saswat23

    Apple iPhone 6 set for Samsung involvement again

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