1. S

    What are the commonly used network libraries in Android?

    Which networking library do you use?
  2. A

    Which one is the best messaging app for business communication and collaboration?

    Hi everyone! Of late, our company has been looking for a communications tool as there has been some limitation with all the tools that we have used in the past. Recently we came across ALERainbow - a communication and collaboration platform powered by Alcatel-Lucent. This is one communication...
  3. Desmond

    Vulkan 1.0 API Specifications released. Drivers and games to follow.

    Source: Vulkan 1.0 Specification Released: Drivers & Games Inboun *www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZLzz3OOl3A
  4. ratul

    Google I/O 2015

    Can't believe there still isn't a thread for this here: *events.google.com/io2015/ Catch it out Live now!!! Though i am still waiting for Google Camera update with camera2 api discussed in last year's Google I/O, damn these guys are getting slow. :P
  5. Desmond

    Java 9 Features Announced

    This one looks like a really massive update. Finally a standard built-in JSON API and HTTP client. No more do you have to rely on clunky third party APIs for these. Though it remains to be seen how these will perform. Source: 403 Forbidden More details: JEP 198: Light-Weight JSON API JEP...
  6. beingGamer

    ASP.NET MVC + Google Drive API

    Hi all, I need urgent help with Google Drive integration into a ASP.net MVC web application hosted on a server. The requirement is as follows- 1. the web application has users, using drive api, the files present inside each user's drive should be retrieved. for user specific google drive i...
  7. A

    AMD Mantle API destroys Microsoft D3D

    Mantle API Vs. DirectX Thief Benchmarks The benchmark results are pretty impressive.Mantle API is seems quite promising. AMD’s Mantle brings 23% performance boost to Thief, TrueAudio impresses | ExtremeTech Furthermore Mantle benefits systems with weak CPU's a lot and brings the FPS levels to...
  8. Desmond

    Microsoft confirms DirectX 12

    Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12 Lives, Will Showcase Technology At GDC Source : Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12 Lives, Will Showcase Technology At GDC - HotHardware
  9. RBX

    ASP.net Roles based Authorization

    I would like to user Roles based authorization in ASP.net and jump directly to it without the hassle of setting up 'Membership' and all that precedes. Most books I have looked up don't show flexibility in Roles API - use database setup using aspnet_regsql and go through all the Membership...
  10. N

    How to use API ???

    Hello !! I have a game made by me using html 5 .I want to how to publish it on ibibo.com as my app by using their API .Just i want to known that how to use their API in my game and publish on their site and what should i know to use their API ??? Pls Help ..:-?:cry::cry::-o
  11. Garbage

    Android 4.0 SDK Now Available

    Source - Android 4.0 Platform | Android Developers
  12. S

    .NET API Problem

    I need some one to point me in the direction of a high performing grid for my .Net winform application. There is a solution that I have but it is slow and the API is complex. I need a better solution.
  13. P

    3 Column AJAX based web page manager tutorial

    This is a recent tutorial for a 3 panel / 3 column AJAX based page manager that can be used for any cms (content management system). This tutorial requires a moderate working knowledge of AJAX and any scripting language and database technology. You can use any scripting technology or...
  14. S

    Any idea what do they do?

    We are planning to integrate airline ticketing system in a system(php site)...may be like makemytrip site... we are bit confused? how do they query which seats and available prices and book the ticket It is done real time using some api ...passwords or so on or is it done by dumping sql...
  15. gaurav_indian

    Google O3D API - 3D graphics in the browser

    Google O3D API - 3D graphics in the browser *code.google.com/apis/o3d/ O3D Demos and Samples *code.google.com/intl/de-DE/apis/o3d/docs/samplesdirectory.html Youtube link *www.youtube.com/watch?v=uofWfXOzX-g
  16. R

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?
  17. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Cant Hibernate xp ???

    im gettin this message when i press hibernate ??? insufficient system resources exist to complete the api
  18. nvidia

    AMD Working on DirectX 11 Support

    Source Continue reading
  19. S

    Nvidia expected to offer DirectX 10.1 GPU in Q1 2009

  20. Batistabomb

    Is text to speech conversion possible

    Guys can we convert a text of *.txt or *.doc in to a speech i.e; a voice file may be*.wav is possible,guys can you tell which API can do this
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