1. ritesh.techie

    An interview with Ankit Fadia

  2. din

    Ankit Fadia - A Promise in Digital Intelligence

    So you guys thought Ankit Fadia is not a nice guy, his claims are false, he is not a real hacker etc ? Shame on you guys, how dare you think like that ? He is A Promise in Digital Intelligence LOL :D Before you get angry on me, click on the thumbnail below and that is what the students...
  3. N

    ankit fadia's seminar..

    day before yesterday ankit fadia came to our college for a seminar and hacked the bsnl website in no time.. the seminar was pretty good and we learnt a lot but at the end he told us about his hacking course version 3.0 which wud be taught to the enrolled students online on reliance world...
  4. K

    new mac user

    hi I am Ankit Agrawal. I have a Mac Mini. I am new user to mac os so required some help to use the mac os and mac mini
  5. Tech$oft

    Introducing myself

    hi im ankit new to digit forum
  6. digit i am thinking

    Take a look at this!

    I don't know how this is happen. when i try to answer one Thread my login id automatically change and becomes Ankit yadav. How this is happen?:confused: Even though I havn't created that ID.
  7. A

    Hi can some1 help me out

    Hi all I just wanted a piece of help from you all i got nvedia graphics card GeForce 6500 i want to install it can n e 1 guide me for this i would b very thnkful to him i was almost done with the installation but something i had missed out so have removed n kept aside so if n e 1 wish...
  8. M

    Folder NAming

    Please tell me that why cant we create a folder named CON anywhere in the Windows why is it so. Can we Create the Folder with this name If Yes then Tell me How. Ankit Roy
  9. F

    Wiki on Ankit Fadia marked for deletion.

    Wiki: marked for deletion. Actually i checked the wiki 3-4 days back an it was deleted. Today i checked again and its back. Reason for deletion:- :| 1 Looks like Self Promotion 2...
  10. A

    Unofficial guide to ethical hacking

    I'm looking for the E-Book of "Unofficial guide to ethical hacking " by Ankit Fadia.
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