1. quagmire

    Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

    -Source -Source
  2. O

    win 8 custom boot screen animations

    hi people is there a way to addd custom boot screen animation that i want??? which i create??? also is it possible to add custom animation or photos to bios falsh screen???? i am modding my case to have raioactive fallout theme..... so it would be nice if i can put some radioactive...
  3. D

    will a career in animations and designing right for me?

    i have just completed my B.Sc. in zoology (hons.) from IGNOU but i am inclined toward making a career in animations and designing. i possess a good creative skill and a sound knowledge of computer. i am already familiar with various softwares for photo editing and designing. but i have a doubt...
  4. IronCruz

    Windows 7 problems

    When i try to open .gif opens but no animations? i open it by WIndows Photo Viewer...
  5. cyber

    make animations go slow(fun)

    this little trick lets you slow down the animations that occur when windows minimize and maximize to and from the taskbar on your command. To do it, you'll first edit the Registry. After that, when you want to slow down animations, hold down the Shift key. Release the key to make animations go...
  6. T

    Firefox Plugins Can Help Conserve Power

    Researchers at SecTheory have come up with an interesting observation - they say that Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help in conserving power. According to the study, website elements that seem to consume maximum power even after the page has loaded are the Flash animations...
  7. JohnephSi

    Animations in Mozilla Firefox 2.00.3

    Plz tell me how 2 stop Mozilla Firefox 2.00.3 4rm loading animations in web pages. Plz suggest me som e tips 2 increase browsing speed
  8. appu

    opera help

    I am using opera from quite sometime now the problem is dat from a few months i cant c any animation while browsing in opera at all like animated avtar etc but if i use ie 7 then i am able to c all the animations dont know wat is wrong wit opera? any help i dont wann use ie
  9. A

    whr to download flash animations frm ?

    hey guys i was just wondering as to where can i find good flash animations to download from.. tried googling , but cudnt find much... i wana download flash animations specially like the stick fight wich is the most famous as far as my knowledge is concerned.. Thx...
  10. R

    20 most amazing short animations one must see

    Source: Email from The following are some twenty short animations one must see as per *
  11. thetopcyborg

    Pc strictly under 25k

    hey all you guys, i am going to upgrade my pc and literally buy a new please suggest me some good specs...these things should be a must.... 1GB RAM a 17" TFT monitor a real fast processor for gaming... PCI-e architecture motherboard 256MB graphics card pci-e(of course)...i...
  12. A

    Flash animations saving.

    How do you save(to the Hard disk) and then play separately the flash animations shown on the web page. Is it different for OPera and IE 6 ?
  13. kl_ravi

    Problems with Animations in IE 6.0 SP1

    Hi Friends, I have a problem with animations in Internet explorer 6.0 SP1. I use Windows ME. Everytime, i visit a page with Animated gifs, I encounter one or more of the folowing problems... 1) the animations dont play smoothly 2) Animations get pixelated 3) Entire page appears to be...
  14. C

    Flash animations

    I was wondering is there any software which can make image animations for flash with ease. For example: FlaX can make text effects for flash with ease. *
  15. I

    saving web pages

    hi guys i want to know whether there are any free softwares which allow u to save web pages along with the links and animations
  16. U


    How can I create title animations along with images(jpeg) in background for my video project(mpeg)? Is it possible to use any animations software & convert its output to mpeg format or avi? Let me know the software availble.
  17. A

    best software for 3d animations?

    hey guys, actually i want to design 3d animations so which is the best software to learn and from where? thx! abhijay
  18. V

    J2ME or J2EE?

    Hi guys... Please help me... I wanna know what is the difference between J2ME and J2EE? Although this topic might have discussed earlier but it's still not clear for duffer like me... I wanna know the difference between two of these and which one I can use in order to put my...
  19. V

    HEAVEN SEVEN (Intresting animation)

    Take a look at this * i would like to know how this sought of animations are done at so small size with audio too ! would like to know the language used to create this more of such animations ? where do i find them .
  20. P

    Powerpoint Presentation to Video CD

    Dear Friend, Please help me to slove a problem if you have slove it. I make a presentation using powerpoint with sounds & animations. How can I convert it into a Video CD for running it on VCD Players without lossing of sound, animations, clarity etc. If any utilities or software is...
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