1. M

    Is Asus Strix GTX 960 compatible with my mobo?

    My mobo:Intel® Desktop Board DP55WB The distance between card and backplate is quite big.... Here is a picture i found from tomshardware * so i am afraid the backplate will hit the ram sticks or the ram stick locks...
  2. C

    XBOX 360 wired controller wire replacement

    I have a black xbox 360 controller for pc bought in october. I am facing connectivity issues like for a particular angle of wire I get connected for remaining I dont rendering my gamepad useless. Instead of going for total replacement which I am afraid will be costly, can anyone help me where...
  3. U

    Best computer hardware store in Hyderabad

    Hi Friends Can you please share from your past experience, which one is the best computer hardware/components store in Hyderabad city ? Most of them are in CTC, Parklane, but I afraid to choose a good genuine/cheaper store without much bargaining. Please share your thoughts.
  4. T

    Cheapest psu for an hd 6670 ddr5

    Hello,my brother is using on board crappy intel graphics and he can't play games like gta iv,he just wants to play games at 1366*768 resolution with everything on high,but the problem is PSU,his psu is just 280W,now i purchased HIS hd 6670 from fk and now his pc is restarting so i check psu and...
  5. anirbandd

    Cleaning your Graphics Card

    Just bought this: An MSI R7770. I am a cleanliness freak [CPU exclusive :D ] and keep my cabinet interior dustless, vacuuming, dusting it once a month, since my last PC went kaput due overheating owing to dust buildup on CPU heatsink and fan. On my last GPU, a GT520, I used to take out the...
  6. Thor

    Want to buy a vacumn cleaner

    Hi Fellow Digitians, Me and couple of my friends are put up in a 1 BHK flat in Bangalore. To keep it tidy , we are thinking of investing in a Vacuum Cleaner . Budget strictly within 10 K. Can you suggest some ? Also What are the things I should Look Out for while trying to buy one? I am...
  7. M

    Afraid of rejection - SAP interview

    Hi all, I had an interview at SAP Labs last Sunday (Feb. 5th). The interviewer gave me his cell phone number and told me that I can call him (after the interview finished) for further questions about SAP. This was me second interview for a QAE - student position. He told me that...
  8. Vensanga

    500gb udgrade

    Hey guys am using CoolerMaster 600Watts and am trying to buy a new hardisk i.e i'll be using 2x500gb...will i have a problem?? Ma friend told me that the cooler master is not that reliable and afraid that my hardisk will be damaged...whAT DO YOU GUYS THINK..The price of 500gb that i've seen is...
  9. r2d2

    First series60 touch-screen phone from nokia

    It also has tactile response. Apple, be afraid! *
  10. A

    Problem with english fluency

    Can any one suggest me ways to increase my english fluency?? I know all gramatical aspects but the problem is while speaking,I will get afraid and speak naively.This problem is especially while talking to teachers and girls
  11. M

    HELP.... need free/working trial versions of effective antivirus.

    Some one please suggest a free antivirus+trojan remover, because I'm afraid my system is heavily infected with them.
  12. nik_for_you

    how to open body cover of 6233 ?

    HI, can anybody tell me how to open and replace the body cover in 6233 .. i havent find any way of doing this (i was afraid that accidently i shoundnt have broken up them..) any body having 6233 here???
  13. piyush gupta

    Living in chennai

    Hi friends i m currently living in Panipat nearby New Delhi i got posted in chennai & i have to join on 17th decmeber i asked some people her about the city they told me some stuffs like Water problems Climate is changed Veg food living people are not gud etc. so i just afraid how the...
  14. D

    Virus please help

    Hey guys i didnt scan for viruses for some 1 week or somethin and today i scanned i found 2 viruses a Win32.Anserin. Trojan.Anserin is a Trojan horse program that logs keystrokes and steals information entered into certain banking Web sites. i am very afraid somethin will happen.... wat...
  15. dare_dexter

    One Crucial Problem!

    :( Hey Guyz! Here I've got a problem which you are supposed to solve. Please take it serious, bcoz the matter below is damn confusing! I have bought a web-space from Rediff web hosting (seemed to me cheaper, and doesn't require credit card) . But I don't know anything about the copyight...
  16. djmykey

    Virus downloaded automatically

    I'm on dataone now for two days and I am facing a problem even tho i dont do anything i can see traffic and something gets dl always so i update windows to sp2 now nothing much shows up but still im afraid. kaspersky detects it as some backdoor trojan i dont remember the name but what can i do...
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