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  1. theserpent

    TRAI-New advertisement rules

    Not more than 12 minutes to ads per hour: TRAI to TV channels - The Economic Times
  2. bubusam13

    3D Video !! :(

    Hi, I bought 3 pairs of 3D anaglyph (red-cryan) glasses. I also downloaded the 3D(anaglyph) HD version of Avatar. I m getting 3D effect. But the picture is not so clear. Even its a HD video, then also :( Again the characters do not come out of my monitor as shown in advertisements. I have...
  3. crawwww

    Why is wikipedia asking for donations?

    Why is wikipedia asking for donations when they can make more money from advertisements? What fools!
  4. Sridhar_Rao

    Blocking flash based advertisements

    :( Those of us using broadband internet know the value of bandwidth. The flash animated advertisements download quickly due to the faster connection but at the same time consume alloted bandwidth. I am xp user with IE7 and want to restrict these bulky flash files from playing. Can anyone...
  5. N

    Website Suggestion

    i need to setup a personal webpage with a embedded music player that plays my compositions (to b embedded from another website) so that i can show my creations to others. i decided for a free hosting but the problem is they are full of advertisements. Please suggest me either a free hosting...
  6. sourav

    Can I have advertisements on my forum

    Can I have advertisements on my posts in this forum. OK I am admin of a forum can I have advertisements there, I am using the one forum design that this site used before (phpbb). __________ ok i need quick answer
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