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  1. Hrishi

    Adventures of Life!!-Away from monotony and boredom.

    While the life of a Geek is adventurous in itself (in one way), dealing with tons of complex problem and headroom to do more and more. There lies a world outside of it as well , which is as thrilling as it can get to. Most ouf us usually spend our time being screen hugging insects , always try...
  2. Rockstar11

    Discovery Kids acquires rights of Tintin for Indian market (HINDI DUBBED)

    MUMBAI: Discovery Kids has bought the rights of comedy action series The Adventures of Tintin, the animated adaptation ofone of the most popular comic classics of all times, for the Indian market. The Adventures of Tintin is a 39 episode long series and will be aired on Discovery Kids...
  3. echoplxx

    Preview and Feedback [December 2011]

    2011 Collector's Edition A-Z of tech (2001-2011) A decade of tech, all boiled down into a brand new alphabet soup. The A to Z of technologies and products, people and companies, culture and events and a lot more. Grab your copy today! Zero 1 awards – The very best products of the year The...
  4. D

    Microsoft Kinect with Power supply,Kinect adventures game

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Microsoft Kinect with Power supply,Kinect adventures game Expected Price: Rs 7500/- Time of Purchase: December 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 1 Months Reason for Sale: Need Money Purchase Invoice...
  5. ajaybc

    Copywrite related doubt please help

    I have a collection of 3000 old DOS games with me.I was thinking about making a website with provision to search and download these games. Almost 80% of them were released before 1995.I got them from TPB. So is there a problem in releasing these games for free through my website? I mean will I...
  6. A

    Game available today?

    Are this games titles available for PC ? Pokemon. WWE:Road to Wrestlemania. Jackey Chan Adventures Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Last WWE SmackDown Vs Raw
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