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  1. nix

    power surge shuts laptop..now it wont start...is it the adaptor?

    i have a dell vostro 1000. it was in real good condition. but today... while i was browsing the net on it... i heard a faint "tack" sound and the laptop immediately shut down. it was connectecd to the wall outlet thru the AC adaptor. then i try to run it on batteries...it wont start up...nothing...
  2. T

    use pen drive as mp3 player adaptor

    anybody knows any kind of adaptor to conver my pendrive to a mp3 player or mp4 player. So we can listen music of pendrive by connecting it to TV etc.
  3. V

    Wi-Fi Adaptor for Desktops

    Hey Chips n Bits As my college has Wi-Fi connnectivity and I own a desktop, I wanna purchase a Wi-Fi adaptor for my PC that would connect using USB. So please help me out with the brands available and things to take care while purchasing that. Please mention price for that too. I wanna...
  4. D

    N70 and headphones

    the original one whihc comes with n70 plane doesn't sounds that much good ... my friedn having n73me gave me his AD-41 (probably) adaptor and headphones...i used it and listened ...the sound quality was awesome ! so the headphones matters or is it due to the adaptor ? i want the best...
  5. D

    Sata power adaptor burnt..

    Hi, Today I got changed my SMPS. After connecting everything I started my PC and got smell of some insulation burning. I switched off. To my utter surprise I found that the SATA power adaptor is burning with smoke. The insulating cover got porus. Please suggest what should I do.. Thanks in advance..
  6. J

    Power Adaptor problem

    hi guys, i am thinking about buying a macbook here in australia, but as i am coming home for holidays, to india... i m thinking about macbook's power adaptor, so can u tell me whether power adaptor for macbook is available in india or not?
  7. P

    PCI cards on Laptop

    Is there any way to install a PCI card on a laptop? I mean....any adaptors available? I did a lot of googling but couldn't fine any such thing. I'd prefer a PCI to USB adaptor and not PCI to PCMCIA adaptor.
  8. abhinandh

    HP 3550 printer power adaptor cost??

    can anybody give me the cost of a hp deskjet 3550 power adaptor cost?? by the way just another silly queation,where do i buy a soldering iron??
  9. crookbond

    PS3 to require 'adaptor' to use PSOne, PS2 memory cards

    Sony's PlayStation 3 will play "thousands" of PSOne and PS2 titles, the company has claimed, but if players want to carry over saved games, they'll need to obtain a memory card adaptor first, the Sony US PS3 website has revealed. The PS3 saves game-state data on its 20GB or 60GB hard drive as...
  10. prankie

    memory stick duo in card reader???

    i recently bought a 14 in 1 card reader for my w800i.. please help me to find out that out of 4 slots where will the MS Duo go.. i've tried inserting it in every slot. will i need an adaptor???
  11. V

    *** Unknown Problem ***

    When I press the standby button my pc goes successfully in standby mode but when I resume from standby my monitor not comes out of powersaving mode and after some time monitor comes out of powersaving but with a blank screen or freeze wallpaper Sometimes computer also turnoff and restart itself...
  12. P

    Heart Transplant for a P3 : PL 370 T

    Hi guys has any one used a socket adapter for using a Tulatine(1.4G) on a p3Copper Mine board ? I found on the net that such adaptors are available that enable us (p3 nontulatine users) to jump up into the Ghz range. One such adaptor is the PowerLeap PL370 T. If some one can help me please...
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