1. pra_2006

    TP Link Nano Wifi TL-WN725N 'Can't connect to this network'

    hi i recently bought this nano wifi to connect internet from my wifi router and it was working fine but since yesterday its just not connecting to my wifi and says cannot connect but its connecting to other devices like my mobile when i open hotspot and i reinstalled the driver but the same...
  2. Shah

    Need suggestions for a USB WiFi Adaptor

    As the title suggests, I need a USB WiFi Adaptor for my desktop running Windows 8 x64. I can spend around 500 for the adaptor. The router won't be far away; It's in the adjacent room. I am looking to buy it online.(Flipkart doesn't ship to my place. So, prefer SnapDeal). I also need...
  3. JohnephSi

    VAIO adapter not working

    Hi frens my adapter is not working model is 19.5 v 3.9A vgp-ac19v33 ..i check the sony site but it is very costly from where can i buy the adaptor..will it not AFFECT IF I USE A non sony adaptor..and how much will be the amount???plz help me urgent guys and hws the LAPCARE chargers can i...
  4. O

    Use same USB adaptor for router and keyboard

    I have a wireless modem/router for which I have bought a USB adaptor as my desktop doesn't have wireless. Now I am going to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, so that will also come with its USB adaptor. I am running out of USB ports, so is it possible to make the keyboard / mouse use the same...
  5. T

    Lenovo Y560 Laptop starts and shuts down within 3 seconds

    Hi, my Laptop starts and shuts down within 3 seconds. the power button along with ideapad button lits up and its off. i tried my both rams on both slots, cleaned with brush slot and ram, battery dead so on direct adaptor. even used hair dryer to remove moisture if any. problem still persists...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    ACi ICON 1100 - Cheapest netbook @ Rs. 4999/- Worth a Look ?

    Stumbled across this new launch. An Rs. 5000/- VIA based netbook. Website here: :: ACI-ASIA :: CPU VIA CPU Display 10.2” LED (1024 x 768 resolution) Memory 512MB expandable to 1.0GB RAM Storage 4GB expandable to 32GB Sound System High Definition Audio I/O Port 3 USB 2.0...
  7. M

    Plugged in, not charging Windows 7

    Hai friends it is not a laptop buying advice I seriously need advice on some thing I have samsung NP300E5z laptop with windows 7 64 bit os when i charge it using AC adaptor it shows 80% charged Plugged in, not charging Windows 7 i have searched over internet and found many solutions...
  8. L

    everyone tried the two call numbers on iphone ?

    I use iphone 3gs.and this is the dual sim card adapter or called double sim cards adaptor to let you have 2 sim cards installed on should be cool. :-)
  9. walkmanguru

    Recovering data from laptop HDD - which Adaptor

    I need help recovring data from a dead laptop's HDD. Which adaptor is needed for this job, and where can i buy it from jalandhar, punjab
  10. Baker

    need to buy a PC in a budget 40k max

    Hi guys i need to buy a new PC , this is my current configuration, please add ur opinions.. processor-->intel core 2 duo 3 ghz E8400 [some of my freinds ask me to go for AMD :?] HD -320 gb sata RAM -2gb DDR2 800 mhz [is this enogh.?] Display adaptor - ATI radeon 512 MB X 1550 PCI [ this...
  11. M

    Need n70me earphones!

    Hey guys i have lost my n70me earfones wid 3.5mm jack adaptor. Pls tell me price of it in mumbai. Thanx.
  12. VarDOS

    Help Installing !!!

    Hi Friends, I brought a wireless headphone on 24th from Lamington Road, Mumbai...I am unable to Setup the wireless connectivity....I have got the following things. Transmitter, Headphone, Audio and microphone with connect line, Y type adaptor {2 in 1 "RCA plug to female stereo socket "}...
  13. alkesh_007

    Laptop freezing after startup

    Hello, HP BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NX6325 AMD TURION MOBILE X2 1.6GHZ PROCESSOR WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PACK 2 1 GB RAM My AC adaptor had stopped working so I bought a new one. Today after plugging in the new adaptor, once the laptop started, after 5 mins it freezed and i could not...
  14. H

    500 GB External USB Drive without AC Adaptor

    Hi, I wish to buy a 500 GB External USB Drive. However, when I enquired about it, I see that all models come with an AC Adaptor. Are there models that come without an AC adaptor in the 500 GB memory category? Thanks, Sharath
  15. P

    Power Adaptor for BSNL Modem

    My BSNL Type-1 UTStar Modem power adaptor has blown off I tried for alternative but couldnt get from market. will DC Adaptor work or suggest some solution.
  16. M

    whats the cost of n-series adaptor?

    hey ppl i have lost my n series 3.5mm jak adaptor coupled wid se wseries earfones. Pls tel me cost of only adaptor ad-41 and se w series earfone ie hpm 70 i suppose. Also let me knw how 2 identify its orig or duplicate? Thanx a lot. :>
  17. mns.saraf

    momory card adaptor

    what is the use of memory card adapter i got it free with i gb memory card
  18. D

    Ogg player and AD-41 support

    i have many ogg songs and i wanna use the play pause buttons of the ad-41 adaptor with my n70me . the problem is only the default player of the os uses the adaptor buttons and not others .since default player doesn't plays ogg how can i use adaptor in ogg play or any other music player lcg...
  19. D

    Nokia N70 and AD-41 adaptor

    i have nokia n70 plane edition of firmware version 5.0616.2.0.3 24-04-06 i have Nokia AD-41 adaptor which comes with the music editon of n70 and n73 the problem is i am unable to use the play pause button keys of the ad 41 adaptor seems like it doesn't supports my current...
  20. Z

    Question Before New Notebook purchase

    I am Eager To purchase a Lenovo Celeron Entry Level Laptop. However I am very skeptic about the High Battery and accessory prices. As I would be mainly using it at home as a secondary alternative to my desktop I would very much be grateful if Experienced Laptop users could answer my query...
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