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N70 and headphones

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the original one whihc comes with n70 plane doesn't sounds that much good ...

my friedn having n73me gave me his AD-41 (probably) adaptor and headphones...i used it and listened ...the sound quality was awesome !

so the headphones matters or is it due to the adaptor ?

i want the best quality sound at any cost....
so what should i buy ? any other headphone of nokia or any other adaptor or this ad41-adaptor and its headphones ?
whcich will give me the ebst sound quality ?


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Its the headphones.. Get EP-630, work awesome with N70. They will sound MUCH better than the N73 ones :)


Whats the price of this ep-630 and will fm/radio work or not ? Me too wanna know . I wanna rock ma plane n70 .
Will this headphone get directly attached or it needs ad-41 adaptor ? Is it 3.5 mm jack headphone ? And is of which company ? Creative ?

And i have n70 plane not me
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yes the Creative EP-630 is from Creative. it is the in-ear type
It has a 3.5mm jack. you might need to use an adapter if ur phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack.
Sound quality is awesome. deep bass. i've been using it for a few months now
Cost ranges between rs. 800-1200. i got mine for rs 875 w/o bill n warranty


I have n70 plane , which adaptor wiLL be the best for a 3.5 mm point ? And its price ?

kalpik said:
Its the headphones.. Get EP-630, work awesome with N70. They will sound MUCH better than the N73 ones :)
which adaptor are u using ? I mean which 3.5 mm jack converter ?
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^^^^ hey experty me is goin to buy that ep-630 in bangalore in 1k. see if its available in kota or not n tel me the price.
and yeah radio wil work on ep-630. my friend is usin it on his w810i


pathiks said:
@expert get the ad-41 or the ad-46 adapter..

which would be better for ma n70 plane edition...and whats their prices ?????


Ad 46 or ad 41 ?
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which shop you asked in ? Will ep-630 work for SE-Z550i ? I need an earphone as my original one is no more ! I found in Brigade Road that the original SE Earphone is of Rs800(mono) and Rs1575(stereo). I was about to buy them but I stopped to do some further research and then buy a better alternative, if any.
Do suggest guys !


hey what abt the adapter ?

which would be better ad-41 or ad-46 ..keep in mind i have plane n70
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