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Question Before New Notebook purchase

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I am Eager To purchase a Lenovo Celeron Entry Level Laptop. However I am very skeptic about the High Battery and accessory prices.

As I would be mainly using it at home as a secondary alternative to my desktop I would very much be grateful if Experienced Laptop users could answer my query.

1-Can I use the laptop only with a AC Adaptor via a UPS and remove the Laptop Battery permanently as I do not require it. Or is a battery required to complete the circuit irrespective of using the AC Adaptor or via the Battery. Please answer this query as this will decide if I buy a laptop or not.

Thanks in advance!


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You can run a laptop AC power with battery disconnected. But its not recomended. A Battery can get discharded or can get useless if you dont use it often. I suggest you to understand how to take optimal use of the battery rather than not using it.
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