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  1. G

    entry level guitar

    hi, i want to learn playing guitar and currently have no knowledge about these, i am planning to buy a guitar soon but have no idea from where to start. please suggest me which guitar should i go for as i have looked on internet there are many types of guitars available such as acoustic...
  2. Desmond

    Researchers successfully hack a computer using sound of the CPU.

    Source : Acoustic cryptanalysis
  3. Gollum

    Want to learn to play Guitar

    I've always wanted to learn to play a guitar but never had the resources or time. Though I still don't have them I would still want to learn(and I can buy stuff without giving a sane and reasonable answer to anyone, my money my business). My biggest question is Acoustic or Electric? I got mixed...
  4. @

    Suggest me a Guitar - 4k

    Guys need to buy a Guitar, for learning purposes. My budget is max 4k. I need the Guitar can be connected to my lappie. So I have two choices 1. Acoustic Guitar + Mic How is this - Guitar, Imported Guitar, gb&a, guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar online OR 2. Electro Acoustic...
  5. Arun the Gr8

    Any suggestions for my next song??

    Guys, Do you have any suggestions for my 3rd attempt at singing? Something light rock or acoustic will do.. Like Boulevard of Broken Dreams :) Second Song First Song
  6. Psychosocial


    Hi guys, I want to learn guitar (Electric) and need advice from you. First of all, I plan to learn playing it on my own by reffering to articles and videos on net. Is it a good idea ? I dont have any good tutors here. I do have one tutor in my school but he only teaches Acoustic :(. Second, is...

    Hacks for SE W810i?

    Are there any hacks available for the SE W810i? like Firmware updates, Acoustic driver updates,etc?
  8. blademast3r

    How much does a local acoustic guitar cost??

    Hey guys im plannin to buy an acoustic guitar...not a branded one jus an indian made one will do...i guess my budget mud be around 2k...so cud u specify any brand?? basically it shud be durable nd should sound ok for its price..... Thanks in advance...
  9. srikanth.9849671439

    w880 acoustic

    how to flash the w880 acoustic to k550i phone? please give me the step by step imformation ....plzzzzz
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