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  1. harshilsharma63

    How to get subsidized AAkash 2 tablet

    Hi. Does anyone know how to get Aakash 2 tablet for subsidized price?
  2. B

    Aakash 3 may come with SIM slot, more exciting apps

    The third version of low cost tablet ‘Aakash’ will be a delight for its users as developers are likely to equip it with a SIM slot and more exciting apps, all within the existing price band. About 50 lakh ‘Aakash 3’ tablets are expected to be rolled out in the next phase, the global tender for...
  3. comp@ddict

    Aakash 2 Tablet launches on November 11 for Rs. 1,500

    Aakash 2 Tablet launches on November 11 for Rs. 1,500. Aakash tablet full specifications and price India. The much awaited Aakash Tablet 2 finally has an official launch date and price tag. The original Aakash Tablet was an utter failure, and it brought much shame on a global scale...
  4. TeckKy

    Aakash 2 Tablet OR Aakash '3' Tablet with Dual Core CPU

    Hey Guys I'm Curious for Aakash 2 Tablet, but with recent news, Aakash is going to have Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich Dual Core Processors in few weeks/months So, Should I wait for Aakash '3' Reply In Guys>
  5. Blue Ripazah

    which one is better bsnl pantel or akash (ubislate 7+)

    which one should i choose bsnl pantel or akash 2 (ubislate 7+) Penta T-Pad IS 701R vs Aakash 1 vs Aakash 2 - comparison of Price , Specifications , Features and Hardware | Technography.in
  6. V

    BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

    BSNL, the state-owned telecom giant, has launched a new tablet in India that wants to take the failing Aakash tablet head-on. Noida-based company Pantel Technologies was tapped to produce the T-Pad IS 710r and it’s priced at just Rs. 3,250, o– a fraction above the Aakash price with better...
  7. pramudit

    Aakash tablet

    has anyone got the ubislate...? i am waiting for its review as i have already prebooked ubislate 7+.......
  8. V

    Aakash Tablet Commercial Booking Started

    Yes...Now you can order Aakash Tablet online and it will be shipped within 1 week. Order Aakash Tablet Now Online, Pre-Book UbiSlate 7
  9. dead.night7

    Where to buy Aakash tablet aka Ubislate7?

    Guys I was wondering government has planned to sell this tablet ubislate7 aka Aakash to students at a cheaper price of Rs1800 or less as compared to shops which sells at Rs3000. But the question here is where to buy it from and what proof to show that I am a student? Anyone here on TDF bought...
  10. gdebojyoti

    How to buy the Aakash Tablet?

    I am thinking of buying the Aakash Tablet. But I am not sure of how to buy it. Is it available in any of the online stores (like Flipkart.com) yet?
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