1. P

    Using 9800gt as physx

    Hi, I currently have 9800gt (out of warranty card). I basically play online multiplayer Battlefield 3 with 50-80 fps (resol - 1366*768). I am completely satisfied whith this card, but since its out of warrany this wont probably fetch Rs 2500 also. So I am waiting for new genration of Nvidia...
  2. P

    Need external cooler for 9800gt

    Hi guys, As my stock cooler sucks, my graphic card Galaxy 9800gt reaches to new height everyday in temperature. It got to 107 c today without any overclock, while playing Battlefield 3. I seriously want to buy the cooler for my graphics card. I have this card for last 3 years and is out of...
  3. Neuron

    Help identify these pins of my GPU.

    Those within the red rectangle.The card is Asus EN 9800GT.
  4. T

    PCIe1x to PCIe 16x adapter

    hi guys i m thinking of putting a 9800GT into my system (for folding@home) i m looking at something like this and stick a 9800gt as my mobo doesn't have another PCIe:(. i have heard that we can use Nvidia and ATi card both together in a system with both drivers installed how is it possible ...
  5. kartikoli

    GPU in range of 3~3.5k for light gaming

    i need a graphic card for very light gaming in range of 3k~3.5k [lover will be better] this will be teamed up with CM Extreme power plus 550W [was using same SMPS with my 9800GT .... upgraded both and this old CM comes in this PC] i will use this with 22' monitor for occasional gaming...
  6. kartikoli

    Palit 9800GT 1GB Green

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Palit 9800GT 1GB Green Expected Price: Rs 3300/- SOLD Time of Purchase: 31-aug-2009 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ original bill claims 2+1 yr. warranty Reason for Sale: upgrading Purchase Invoice...
  7. C

    Better performing card under 4k

    Guyz I am purchasing used Palit 9800gt 1gb green @3900/- . Is there any better performer (new) under 4k? Thanks in advance.
  8. ithehappy

    System taking 2 extra seconds to boot after installing new GPU!

    Have a look at the video please, I restart the system, and you can see that the Asus Sabertooth X58 TUF Logo pops up twice and there is a White '_' blinks on the Black screen just next to it, but neither of them were there with my old GPU, 9800GT but it's happening after installing my new GTX...
  9. ithehappy

    Xfx 9800gt 512mb

    I wanna sell my Nvidia XFX 9800GT 512MB Graphic Card. Purchased on November, 2009. Have Bill and Box. Purchased Price was Rs.6750. Almost 2 years warranty left. Pictures, Uploaded with ImageShack.us Condition Perfectly Fine Selling Price, Rs. 3900/- Selling Reason...
  10. ithehappy

    What could be a 9800GT replacement?

    I am gonna give my XFX 9800GT to service in Rashi as it's giving me problems. But I'd like to know what will be it's replacement/substitute(almost same specs) as 9800GT has been stopped shipping and N/A in market. Thanks in advance. PS- Nvidia only.
  11. Y

    I need help in building a PC for my son (in 10+2) for beginners in animation field.

    CPU-i5 750 RAM-4x 2GB Corsair Monitor- upto Rs. 7500 PSU- at least 550W good brand as per availability in Chandigarh. Mobo- Intel DP55WB or MSI P55 GD80. GPU- Unable to decide (can it be 9800GT ?) If Intel Mobo is sufficient I can spend more on GPU but i want to have MSI mobo as i can OC...
  12. L

    Palit 9800gt 512mb ddr3

  13. Z

    Which is better Agea or Nvidia PPU

    Hi, Which PhysX processor is best agea or Nvidia I currently have a 9800GT Graphic Card. and I have 2xPCI-E in my motherboard. I want add a New Graphic Card GTX 275. I want use 9800GT as PhysX processor. can I.
  14. G

    Suggestion Required!!!!!

    Hey Pals I want to configure a new comp.{gaming}{around18k}i want your help man..... This is the configuration a friend of mine suggested.... Mobo: Asus Nvidia M2n68-AM Procy: Athlon 64 X2 7750+ 2.9GHz Ram: 2xOCZ 1GB DDR2 800MHZ GFX: Palit 9800GT 512MB DDR3 so tell me i will go...
  15. Gowt1ham

    Wanted Gpu 9800gt || Hd4850 || 9800gt+ || Gtx 260.

    GPU 9800GT || HD4850 || 9800GT+ || GTX 260. 1. Must be less than 6months old. 2.Must not be damaged. 3. Bill+Warranty 4. Price HD 4850, 9800GT+ Depending on condition, model,Brand....say ur price 5. Bangloreans preferred.
  16. N

    FS Palit 9800GT

    For sale Palit 9800GT 3 months old with bill, box and all the accessories that came with it PM me for details . Asking price 6500/- Price drop To RS.6000/-
  17. dinesh_ddt

    power up..!!

    The Safest and economical psu req for 9600GT, 9800GT , hd4850 ??:???:
  18. P

    Help me buy a GPU..

    hy guys m gonna upgrade to a new gpu soon.budget is nt a prob...ive settled down for Xfx 9800gt 512mb ddr3..& 9800gt superclocked by EVGA..m gonna buy dis frm U.S..so dese cards r available for around 100-125$..the thing is i askd d experts at ma workplace dey say for a superclockd gfx u need a...
  19. confused

    Old GPU died under warranty, what are my options for exchange???

    Hi guys, i had a MSI 8800GT OC Edition, which i bough in May 2008. It died last month and i gave it for warranty/repair. The distri guys, after fiddling around with it for nearly a month are saying that the old card cannot be repaired, instead a new replacement will be offered. He is offereing...
  20. H

    2 x XFX 9800GT 512MB GDDR3 SLi Benches

    At last I've managed to go SLi.sold off my HD4870 and got 2 x XFX 9800GT 512MB GDDR3 and SLi'd them.straight away bios flashed and oc'd them to 700|1900|2000 (core |shader|mem).ran a few benches and here r the results: Test Setup: Core i7 920 on stock cooler MSI Eclipse SLi 2*1GB DDR3 1066 (oc...
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