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  1. G


    Hey guys. Planning to buy an SSD. Have thought of Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB. I hope I have made a good choice. Please help!
  2. bhushan2k

    Gaming rig for friend..35-40k

    his rig cost (local shop at lamington): intel 3570k 14000 asrock z77 extreme 4 10000 gskill ripjaws 8gb 1866mhz 4800 seasonic 520w 80 plus bronze 4200 sapphire radeon 7770 8100 nzxt 2900 ocz vertex 3 60gb 3450 my view: m suggesting him to not go for overclockable rig..no need as of...
  3. Sarath

    Sub 5k SSD suggestion needed. Is 60GB SSD enough?

    Presently I have 1TB HDD in my PC running Win 7. I will be doing a clean install of Win 8 in a weeks time. I was thinking if I should buy an SSD to speed up my system. I use very few programs. In fact I play only one game on my system called Dota 2. Apart from that it is only light browsing...
  4. image

    Which 60GB SSD

    I am looking for a 60GB SATA III 6 Gbps HDD. Confused between these: OCZ 60GB AGILITY 3 SSD | eBay Corsair 60GB Force Series 3 60 GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD | eBay Please suggest which one should I buy. Thanks.
  5. mithun_mrg

    Help choosing the right SSD

    which one to get among these 1.OCZ Petrol 64GB 2.OCZ Octane S2 64GB 3.Corsair Force3 60GB 4.OCZ Agilty3 60GB 5.OCZ vertex Plus 60GB i am confused please help
  6. V

    SSD @5K - urgent - buying today @3pm - 4Hours

    Hi, I need a good/decent SSD @5K +/- 200-300. Sata3 no need and Capacity 60GB+. I am thinking of Corsair Force Sata2 60GB but pricing can not be found. In little hurry, actually in good hurry - in 4 hours :P.
  7. arko1983

    ocz agility 3 good offer

    newegg giving offer for $ 65($ 85 without mail in rebate) .is it worth it.(60 gb) Newegg.com - OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-60G 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Xbox 360 Arcade + 60GB Live Starter Kit for only 12.5K (Hyderabad)

    How did it drop to such a low rate? Don't ask me. But for folks who want a Jasper model and a 60GB HDD to boot with it, this is the best deal right now for the X360. Take a look at this thread @Techenclave forums...
  9. csczero

    Playstaion 3 for Sell

    Bought in month of May Excellent Condition ..... Hardly used. PS3 with 60GB HDD Will post Pics if someone interested
  10. A

    FS : HP Pavillion ZV5000 Notebook

    Rs. 17,500 + Shipping HP ZV5160us 15.4" screen Widescreen P4 2.8GHz 384MB RAM 802.11b/g WLAN LAN 3xUSB 60GB HDD CDRW/DVD Combo Windows XP Inbuilt modem Integrated harman kardon speakers ~One year old. Mint condish.
  11. iMav

    Sony Announces 80GB PS3 Bundle, Confirms Price Cut

    Along with $100 off the 60GB model, SCEA announces an 80GB PS3 Motorstorm bundle for August It’s official – the PlayStation 3 has dropped $100 less than eight months after it’s highly anticipated launch. According to the official press release, the current 60GB will carry a $499...
  12. s18000rpm

    PSP - II Gets 60GB Hard Drive!!!

    look out for GTA San Andreas Stories on PSP - II. :D Source: Neowin.net NEWS
  13. a_medico

    <HELP> Ipod Video 60GB Queries

    I am planning to ask my friend to carry 60GB ipod video. But i have few queries :- 1) which video formats does it support? 2) is it possible to charge and play ipod simultaneously? 3) does it have a voice recording option like other mp3 players? if not, is there any accessory for the...
  14. V

    The All New iPod !

    The All New iPod Video! Witness the evolution of the revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then podcasts. Now iPod plays video, changing the way you experience your music and more. Again. In lighter, thinner 30GB and 60GB models, the new iPod is music to your eyes. more...
  15. Aniruddh

    Buyin a lappy need suggestion...

    hii guyz well i am buying a lappy hav got few options they r.... 1.Samsung X20 EXT -Intel pentium m(DOTHAN) Centrino 745 -512MB DDR RAM. -15'' XGA Super Bright TFT(normal) -60GB(5400) -802.11 b/g,LAN,Modem,Bluetooth -ATI Mobility X600/64MB Dedicated 77000 Including...
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