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  1. mitraark

    Broadband in Chennai Unlimited No FUP 1k-1.5k

    Need a broadband connection in Chennai, Okkiyampet, Shollinganallur area, with no FUP ( or a significantly high one ) budget is preferably between 1000-1500 per month. How is Reliance / Tikona around here, anyone have any idea? Reliance 4mbps @ 1099 looks good but to be honest Im...
  2. swatkats

    BSNL new broadband plans for andhra pradesh 2014

    Bsnl launched new broadband plans ADSL(Applicable only for Hyderabad,Sangareddy,Vishakhapatnam,Vijaywada,Rajamundry from 1st Feb 2014) 2mbps up to 15Gb and 512kbps - Rs. 525 + taxes :-( 4mbps up to 25Gb and 1mbps - Rs. 650 + tax :lol: 6mbps up to 35Gb and 1mbps - Rs. 800+ tax:-( 8mbps up to...
  3. N

    Reliance vs BSNL, which is better?

    I am a BSNL broadband user since 2006, and now i think its time to change. Recently they decrease the 20% discount given to government people to 10%, which has increased my bill. I currently use 950ULD plan, which gives 4MBPS speed with 8GB FUP, post FUP 512KBPS. I am a good downloader, so this...
  4. flyingcow

    Choosing a hathway plan, your views on it.

    I am tired of my BSNL 900rs plan, promised to give 4mbps "superspeed" , but only gives 1.7 mbps. After 8 gb gives 256kbps. I told them to put me on a 4mbps capable port, but they wouldnt. So I have decided to choose hathway plan - Zip 5 max, 5mbps upto 25 gb and post 256 kbps, price- 1200. I...
  5. Sarath

    Any alternative to Airtel BB?

    After getting hit by FUP last month:-x, I changed my plan to a beefier 75GB limit. I just got the bill and it is a massive Rs.2000 pm:shock: hereon from my previous 1.5k. Current Plan: 1699 plan 4mbps, Bangalore. I don't think so much money is justified on an internet connection and hence have...
  6. prankie

    Strange prob with BSNL internet!!

    Hi, just migrated from bharti BB to BSNL BB due to house shifting, got UL 900 Combo plan, which offers a speed of 4Mbps upto 8GB and 256Kbps afterwards, the prob is that unlike airtel (I was on 1Mbps plan) which offered stable speed irrespective of what I did(got constant download speed of over...
  7. Rockstar11

    Airtel Unleashes 4 Mbps Unlimited Broadband at Rs. 899

    Bharti Airtel, country’s leading telecommunication service provider which is a Catagory-’A’ Internet Service Provider(ISP) introduces new broadband plans with a impressive bandwidth offering of 4Mbps. Tagged by ‘Impatience Plans@4Mbps’ Airtel Broadband reaches a new dimension with these...
  8. kanu2k7

    Dual Internet Connection

    Hi!!!! I have two internet connection with me which gives me a speed of almost 2mbps each. I need to know that i have 2 Lan cards on my pc and that how can i use these 2 connection simultaneously, getting a speed of 4mbps combined. Is it possible? Help! Thanks!!!
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