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  1. rickenjus

    Reliance launches Rs. 499 offers 30GB 3G + 30GB 2G pack

    Source Looking too good to be true.. ??!!!
  2. B

    Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage

    Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage Found it to be a good option - Enjoy! Here is the source link - Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage
  3. maverick786us

    Airtel is a cheater

    I recently upgraded my airtel broadband plan to 2MBPS. They said that with this plan there will be a download limit of 30GB per month and once it reaches 30 GB the bandwidth will reduce to 256KBPS. In my case the changes took place on 26th of July and on 5th Aug I received an SMS that my...
  4. rajsujayks

    How to remove Vista?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop with the following configuration: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz 2x1 GB DDR2 667 Mhz RAM nVidia GeForce 8600GT 256MB graphics card 250GB SATAII hard disk I have Windows XP SP3 installed in the C: drive. Two months ago, I installed Windows Vista...
  5. vamsi_krishna

    Decent earphones for 1.5k

    Hi, I've a budget of 1.5k(Incl. Shipping) to buy earphones for my pc. I am also planning it to use it with 30GB ipod.Will the suggested one offer more performance than bundled...? Thanks.
  6. C

    Apple iPod 30gb video for sale - Chennai

    I'm looking to sell my apple 30gb ipod video. I am selling stuff to get an iphone. The ipod works great and has both the original ipod firmware and rockbox (with themes) installed. Note that the front n back have scratches from normal use. The back has my company's name embossed on the metal...
  7. static_x

    30GB Video Ipod Black

    Any body interested in buying a 30GB black Video Ipod? 2 Years Old very less used. Good Condition. 25GB Rock Music loaded..:D PM For Details..
  8. napster007

    Suggest a PVP: around 10K

    hey ppl, my saving's are closing up around 10k. i was saving it up to buy a PVP. so plz suggest a video player. I was thinking about the "archos" its got great features but no service center in india so if it encounters a problem i'll be in a fix. secondly, i was thinking about the...
  9. C

    IPod 30gb video for sale

    I'm looking to sell my 30gb ipod. I am selling stuff to get an iphone. The ipod works great and has both the original ipod firmware and rockbox (with themes) installed. Note that the front n back do have scratches. The back has my company's name embossed on the metal plate. it was a gift from my...
  10. kerthivasan

    WIKIPEDIA on Ipod video?

    higuys. i own an ipod 30gb video. can u tell me how to load wikipedia on my ipod?
  11. iMav

    Buy a Zune, Fight Breast Cancer

    Billy G rulz .... now with the story: Get yourself a 30GB limited edition pink Zune, and fight breast cancer at the same time. Unlike some other charitable music-player-selling schemes that only donate a measly 5% of their proceeds to charity, when you buy a 30GB Zune from Warriors in Pink...
  12. A

    FS : 25 days old Apple iPod 30GB

    Rs. 8000/- SHIPPED Good as new. Amazing condition. Reason for sale : Don't need 30GB. Normal iPod is too big; going back to my nano.
  13. I

    Ipod 30Gb for Immediate sale

    Hey der folks, I have a Ipod 30GB for immediate sale. Reason for sellin it because I am collecting money for a bike. I bought it in January month of 2007. I don't have the bills with me as got it as a New year's gift from dad. It loaded for newest hit from the rock and metal arena. 20 Gigs...
  14. T

    Ipod 30 GB

    Hi. I want to buy a Ipod 30GB Video. How much is the cost? Where can I get informations for this ? I want to buy a new one. not a second hand. Thank you.
  15. S

    Video iPod 30GB for sale

    hi ppl.want to sell off my Apple iPod 30GB. i am selling itr because i am not utilisng it 100%. i had got it in december from mumbai. excelltn condition. quotes invited. ASAP
  16. ayush_chh

    160 minus 30 (hdd problem)

    i bought a SATA1 HDD recently, 160 GB and installed it. i can see 160GB in BIOS but after installation only 130GB is available where is my 30GB...please help :)
  17. nitish_mythology

    Get 30gb Mailbox!

    Register on this site and get a free 30gb e-mail account! http://30gigs.com/
  18. raj14

    Now a 30GB Web E-Mail Provider

    SOURCE: TechIMO Talk about Overkill! i bet they won't last till Next year, 1GB Space is great, but unless Users Clone their Hard Disks into their Mailbox, 30GB is foremost overkill, it's also interesting to see wether, you would have an Attachment cap, considering there offering 30GB of...
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