160 minus 30 (hdd problem)

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i bought a SATA1 HDD recently, 160 GB and installed it. i can see 160GB in BIOS but after installation only 130GB is available where is my 30GB...please help :)


Which version of Windows have you installed. If it is XP then you need to install Service Pack 1 or 2 to get the OS to recognise HDDs over 127GB. This size limitation can also be there from the Mother Boards HDD controller to which the HDD is connected - this will be the case if the Mother Board is an older one.


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as your bios has detected 160 gb, mother board has not problem.

(if your operating system is using "36 bit LBA" then maximun harddisk size it can detect is 127.4 GB.to detect more than 127.4 GB ,the OS need "48 bit LBA")

2)download "EnableBigLba.exe" its size is 156 kb and its freeware. run it and it will make LBA 48 bit. reboot.

3)or to manually do it.
* regedit
* HKey_Local_Machine\system\current Control set\services\atapi\parameters
* find "EnableBigLBA" there and change it value to 1.(if it is not there,write it and make its value 1)
* exit Regedit and reboot.

(note: installing new SP2 patch can also fix this problem.)


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Probably you did not partition your HDD properly. Goto start=>run type compmgmt.msc and select disk management in the left window and see the details. If any space is remaining, try creating a new partition. If u have SP 1, i am not sure abt compmgmt.msc Mine is SP2 and to partition my HDDs, i use the stated method.


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i think we get 152 GB in a 160GB HDD. there is no problem in my partitioning the HDD. i have win XP with sp2. my mobo is intel 946......while partion it shows only 127 GB as told by 'digifriend'......i m goin to try his reply.....thnx :)
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