IPod 30gb video for sale

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I'm looking to sell my 30gb ipod. I am selling stuff to get an iphone. The ipod works great and has both the original ipod firmware and rockbox (with themes) installed. Note that the front n back do have scratches. The back has my company's name embossed on the metal plate. it was a gift from my company :) so no bill with me.

Price - 5.3k


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sorry for the delay in posting the pics. here are a few pics taken with my phone. the quality is not great but they show the ipod running rockbox (playing an flac file!) and the stock apple firmware.

i think 4.6k or less is too low a price. the price that i have asked for is quite reasonable. so, if you wish to lower the price, please be reasonable and not ask for things like 3k!




[edit]also, if you need a practically new 5.1 speaker system, take a look at my other item (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=84457). :)[/edit]


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^^yea 30gb ready of junk...get some life man....its an ipod 30gb...check the prices n then quote....theres a limit to lowball too.


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u being a greedy guy and trying to make a sale...i busted it.. get over it...

I challenge you even today, go and get a quote for the same config, then come here and rant!!!

You don't even know technology or prices but you want to come here and talk nonsense, I know you will keep replying here, to increase your post counts :D

I have better work to do, I'm exiting out of here.


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Mandrake warned. Majderi and Gopz both miserabled for two days. Apologies to the OP for the shameful behaviour of our forum members.

And wait a minute. All this over an item that was posted in April this year. Locking the thread.
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