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    Indian Vehicle Licensce Regime...

    This also prevents moving of stolen vehicles from one state to the other!
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    Which 150CC bike ??

    At six feet, you might have hard time tucking in your thighs beside the nut-shell! ;) Fashionable is not always comfortable and don't forget the ol' saying - don't judge a book by it's cover.. Anyhow, would you buy something, which everyone has? There are less crows than black pulsars...
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    How much will i get for this ???

    Seems, this is in the wrong forum!
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    10 Stunning Facts About Microsoft’s Profits

    Still, they cry of loss of profits due to piracy! C'mon, you rich daddies, let poor people earn something and atleast manage food!
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    Bajaj Pulsar 200 problems

    Yeah, a video footage would be a treat! Still, pics will be fine! :D. It would have been funny to watch! lol. Wonder, how they took the pieces back home and saying to thier Mom, Mumma! Bike toot gaya! haha lol. Sorry but, I find this funny! If it is real, must be a bad stuff for the owner.
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    download from rapidshare ! ! !

    Guys, it depends upon which network you choose and the load on it, at the time of downloading.. So, sometimes you test maybe wrong!
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    How's it is possible

    Yeah, firs of all why they have a name like refund hosting? Why do, they even let a condition happen where they have to refund? Look mate, it is not just refunding. What concerns is reliability. If you have a project to present on your website to clients and the hosts messes up. You are no...
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    BSNL to offer Broadband connectivity at 8 mbps..!!!!!!!!!

    They'll give you a Hayabusa with one litre petrol! So, I'm happy with my 100cc bike with unlimited supply of petrol! :D
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    Have I been hacked?

    Hope you haven't used your passwords in forums, etc.. as, it is easy for a pro to decrypt passwords from the database and misuse it. Also, maybe you clicked some trojan link which tracks your password typed. Better off, change your password the soonest. streak meaning -...
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    Best Forum Software

    I prefer vBulletin as, it is far off secure than other systems. I have been using vBulletin for more than a year and didn't have had any problems.
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    Help needed with a C++ problem

    He doesn't live at my place and I can't seem to call him up again. If someone can help, it would be really appreciated! Or, any hints would be fine, which I shall forward him. EDIT: Okay, here's what he has done so, far, any further guide would be appreciated as, it is real urgent for...
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    Buying from online

    Yeah, Amazon ships to India - http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=746148 http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=596188&#country
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    how can i download from rapidshare!!!

    Or, the best solution - Get a paid account, it is worth it!
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    Help needed with a C++ problem

    Here's the html version of it rather than text as, it contains images. http://www.one.cyclone2k.net/program/
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    Help needed with a C++ problem

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who has been banging his head for more than 5 days in this so, any help would be appreciated - http://cyclone2k.sitesled.com/files/Program_Practice.doc
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