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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    Cool, I will wait and buy a 1070 card if it comes below 33k by diwali.
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    New 24"/32" monitor for gaming.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have postponed the CPU purchase by few months, for now, will wait for AMD GPU prices to come down. Will go with rx580 and LG 22MP68VQ-P. I have ordered LG one (don't have a working monitor right now). BTW, Vega might damn costly in India and power required by 56 is...
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    New 24"/32" monitor for gaming.

    Thanks for the suggestion, sadly since the viewing distance is ~ 2 feet, i cant use the 32" :( but since many are suggesting LG 22MP68VQ-P or LG 24MP59G-P, would go with former one.
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    Hey Goku, can you please advise me on Monitor. my current one went kaput yesterday. Thread...

    Hey Goku, can you please advise me on Monitor. my current one went kaput yesterday. Thread:
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    New 24"/32" monitor for gaming.

    Open to your suggestions on buying a nice monitor for gaming + day-to-day needs. 1. Budget? Can go upto 20,000 for 60Hz/144hz gaming monitor with 1080p. 2. Display type and size? Type - IPS panel or TN Size - 24/32 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? my current monitor "Dell UltraSharp U2311H...
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    Full HD TV for INR 70k !!!

    can you tell me, where u got that Quote for sony hx850, im looking to buy one since im not satisifed with w800a from sony and w900a isnt in my budget ?
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    Battlefield 3 discussion!

    the copy is still on the way from mumbai to bangalore, FK told i woul dbe receiving on 29th due to festive season :(
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    Battlefield 3 discussion!

    waiting for the mail from flipkart :x The status is "In Stock" for BF3
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    Battlefield 3 discussion!

    why are they releasing it on 28th and later on, while the SP is already( cracked by Reloaded and upped in p2p2 world) :( yesterday
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    Battlefield 3 discussion!

    So will I be getting it on 25th ? or 28th ? i wish i get my hands on it ASAP :P Is this only for me or any one notice "flipkart' changed the release date to 28 from 25 ?
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    Does it suck to be an Indian gamer?

    It still in initial stage, has to develop a lot and stop the piracy and the DD serv sucks in India and not much pref is given to gaming here, i have been to 2 or 3 Tournaments and sometimes they play "politics" because no one cares :(
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    Re: Steam related discussions Max Payne pack in Steam @ $3.74 USD (184 bucks @ 49.01/1 $) includes 2 items: Max Payne, Max Payne 2 Max Payne pack
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    R.I.P Dennis Ritchie

    RIP Sir :( and thank you for "C" they should atleast told about this sad demise in national news channels :(
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    Battlefield 3 discussion!

    there are only 2 servers for bf:bc2 and i cant find any indian servers there ? in other servers my latency is 250+ anyways i hope some more servers will be there for bf3 :puff:
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    Battlefield 3 won't be on Steam

    pre-ordered it at Flipkart @ 1499 rupees using COD(cash on delivery) ^ i dont think bf3 will be on steam at the time of release, i wondered why steam was silent when EA was bashing about some DLC issues so they wont release on steam but now i got the "real" reason behind it ! greed !
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