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    Which mobile phone are you using currently ?

    Blackberry 8320 Curve (Crimson Red)
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    Dvd copy : dvd9 to dvd5

    +1 for DVD Fab. Pretty easy to use as well. Not sure of any freewares.
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Addicted to Fiqrana from Blue
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    ^^ didn't get all together. Upgraded one by one ;) Sound card is 8424/- all incl Yeah the GPU is huge man!
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    My rig gallery Specs: Intel 8200 + TTBT Abit IP35-E 4 x 1 GB Transcend 2 x WD 1TB, 1 x WD750 Re3 Bijli Cabinet Sunbeam Docking station Logitech Z5300 + Creative Audigy 4 Rest in pics: Free Image Hosting by
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    ^^ Lamington road, Mumbai. Also, saw in Croma, not sure of the price there. Will try post some pics tomorrow
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    What to do after BCA, MCA or MSc?

    MCA is good. Companies consider MCA equivalent to BE. Initial package offered to MCA/BE is the same. So BE guys have a major adv there. All big companies like Infy, TCS, TechM, etc recruit MCA. Campus selection is also there, although it depends on the college placement committee. So ahead with...
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    Required a good data recovery software

    GetDataBack for NTFS v4 did recover most of the data for me. But some videos developed corruption at one or two places.
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Edited previous post.
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Powercom 1Kva UPS - 4250/- Asus Xonar STX - 8424/- Dell 2209WA - 16000/- shipped to home Audioengine 5 - 18000/- Xbox 360 controller for windows - 1200/-
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Lot of upgrades in the past few months -Audioengine 5 - 18000/- -ASUS Xonar STX - 8424/- -Powercom 1Kva - 4250/- -Dell 2209WA - 16000/- shipped All purchased locally
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    Top Ten Games You have ever Played

    1. Half Life 2 2. GTA VC 3. COD 4. Medal of Honor : Allied Assault 5. GTA 4 6. Crysis 7. NFS MW 8. EMPIRE EARTH 9. NFS Porche 10. AOE Quite difficult to number them, but my fav are the top 3
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    Need for Speed™ SHIFT is comming

    Yup, its a nice game so far. Graphics are really great too!
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