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    Usb 3.0 not working on hard disk

    Hi guys i have a strange problem, i just purchased a new Adata 1tb usb 3.0 hard disk and i plugged it in my alienware , the hard disk installed properly and i ejected it normally when i tried to run it the second time the windows7 keep showing the message that it needs to be formatted but the...
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Harsh times starring christian bale and State of grace starring sean penn and gary oldman are must watch buddy movies
  3. Scarface

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    I am hooked to No love by eminem
  4. Scarface

    Resident Evil 6

    The best game in the series was the RE 4
  5. Scarface

    WD My Passport 1 TB External/Portable HDD Review

    Hi bro did you format the drive to Nfts for use with windows 7
  6. Scarface

    Suggestions for long battery backup laptop/notebook

    Lenovo thinkpad has the best battery performance from what i have heard
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    Ultrabook for upto 75k

    The student discount offer has ended i think OP Take a look at the samsung ultrabook it has a dvd rom which no other ultrabook has
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    Dell Inspiron 15R SE with i7 vs Samsung series 5 550P-S02 ?

    The samsung is the way to go , it also looks much better than the dell, below is a great thread for all your samsung queries http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/laptops-netbooks/159661-samsung-series-5-550p-laptops-thread.html
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    Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ?

    70000 for the grey market 16gb in chandigarh
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    Puzzle games for iPhone

    The best puzzle game is Fling and Blue block
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Purchased a Alienware M14x R2, i7 3rd gen , 500 gb , 6gb ram, 2gb graphic card , wxga display
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Hi guys wanted to ask if it is okay to use the laptop while charging the battery from say 30-35% or i should charge the battery and use the machine
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    The Samsung Series 5 550P Laptops Thread

    The 550 is a very cool laptop and i was going to buy one and when i went to the store the guy showed me the demo piece and i loved it , when he opened a new one and switched it on me and my friend noticed that the screen toward the right side edge showed some slight black areas running across...
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    Suggestion for a 46" LED TV

    The smart features of samsung are not that great , the gesture control is just a gimmick . The best tv now is the sony hx850 and it has SEN which makes it much better than samsung and above all PQ of sony is the best this year , this is the comeback tv for sony and they came back with a bang
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    Which 3D TVs are the best? Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or LG? Passive or Active?

    Active 3d plays full hd but passive does not
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